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LOD Fade Node

The LOD Fade node outputs the level-of-detail fade value when using LODGroups. The value only represents the fade created by LODGroups and returns 0 when not fading, this means that some additional logic might be necessary when the objects aren't fading but are still being rendered.

NOTE: Unity uses a shader keyword to know when fading is happening, that keyword is: LOD_FADE_CROSSFADE

Nodes used: Color, LOD Fade, Static Switch, Float, Texture Object, Dither

Node Parameter Description Default Value
Legacy Behavior Prior to Unity 2019 values given by unity_LODFade.x/Fade[0...1] port were always positive and complemented each other between LOD Groups, now fade-out is represented with positive values and fade-in with negative ones. Toggling this on internally checks for negative values and calculate legacy/complement type result. Off

Output Port Description Type
Fade[0...1] Returns the fade value on a [0 1] range. Float
Fade[16Lvl] Returns the fade value quantized to 16 levels . Float

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