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Amplify Shader Editor Version: v1.3.2 dev 01 (Oct 10, 2017)

  • New nodes:
    • 'Camera To World Matrix'
    • 'World To Camera Matrix'
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issues with 'Toggle Switch' node
      • It now properly creates a toggle property and lets user change material in the editor
    • Fixed issue on vertex local variables not being registered correctly on custom lighting
    • Precision selection on 'Grab Screen Color' node is no longer locked when Custom Grab pass is disabled
    • Fixed issue with 'Depth Fade' node on OpenGL platforms
    • Normalized screen position code now works properly in all platforms
    • Fixed issue with 'Texture Array' node preview
    • Fixed issue with 'Vertex To Fragment' node generating duplicated code
  • Improvements:
    • Added toggle button into 'Static Switch' node
    • Improved wire auto-connection to node when its created from the context palette when dragging a wire
    • Auto screen UVs from 'Grab Screen Color' node now also take Unity Single Pass Stereo into account
    • Improved code generation on screen position related nodes
    • Activating internal port data into 'Toggle Switch' node
    • Updated Simple Blur and Simple noise examples to be fully android compatible
    • Tweaked 'Desaturate' node to prevent issues with PS4
    • Tweaked 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node to prevent issues with PS4