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Swizzle Node

The Swizzle ( shortcut: Z key ) node allows to reorganize and duplicate its inputs components. Input and Output can be of different types.

Nodes used: Texture Sample, Swizzle

Node Parameter Description Default Value
Output Type Indicates the data type for the node output data
  • Float: Single float value
  • Vector 2: Two dimensional vector
  • Vector 3: Three dimensional vector
  • Vector 4: Four dimensional vector
Channel # Indicate which channel from the input data is to be set on the new channel # position.

Amount of configurable channels depends of the data type set on Output type and available channels depend on type of data connected to its input port.

  • X | R: First channel. Available on all possible data types.
  • Y | G: Second channel. Available on all vector data types with size greater than 1.
  • Z | B: Third channel. Available on all vector data types with size greater than 2.
  • W | A: Fourth channel. Only available on Vector 4 or Color data types.
Other Parameters
Input Value to be swizzled. Only visible if the respective input port is not connected. 0

Input Port Description Type
Input Value to be swizzled. Vector4[1]

  1. ^ Port automatically adapts to all connection types except Matrices and Sampler types.

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