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<img class="responsive-img" src="http://amplify.pt/NodeDetail/VertexTexcoordNode.jpg">
<img class="responsive-img" src="http://amplify.pt/NodeDetail/VertexTexcoordNode.jpg">
<br/><font size="1">Nodes used:
[[Unity_Products:Amplify_Shader_Editor/Vertex_TexCoord|Vertex TexCoord]],
[[Unity_Products:Amplify_Shader_Editor/Texture_Sample|Texture Sample]]
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{| class="wikitable" style="width: 100%;"

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Vertex TexCoord node

The Vertex TexCoord node outputs texture coordinates directly from vertex data without any type of further calculations on tilling and offset.
NOTE: Use Texture Coordinates if a more complete texture operation is required.

Nodes used: Vertex TexCoord, Texture Sample

Node Parameter Description Default Value
Coord Size The size of the main output port which allows you to read more packed data from vertex coordinates. Dynamically changes output ports accordingly.
  • Float[2,4]: Changes size from Float2 to Float4
UV Channel The UV channel used, also knows as UV Index in some applications. Set 2 is usually used for Lightmap UV coordinates.
  • [1,4]: Changes set to specified number from set 1 to set 4

Output Port Description Type
UV(WT) Returns a vector2, vector3 or vector4 containing U and V coordinates respectively in case of vector2, UVW coordinates for vector3 and UVWT for vector4 Float2(34)
U Returns a float containing the U coordinate Float
V Returns a float containing the V coordinate Float
W Returns a float containing the W coordinate. Only available if Coord Size is set to Float3. Float
T Returns a float containing the T coordinate. Only available if Coord Size is set to Float4. Float

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