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Vertex To Fragment Node

The Vertex To Fragment node allows data to be calculated on the vertex function and transferred to the surface/fragment via interpolators.
NOTE 1: No Interpolation cannot be used over the Standard Surface type as we must be able to directly control interpolators registry, which does't happen over this shader type.
NOTE 2: No Interpolation will not work across all API's and can even throw compilation errors on some of them ( p.e. Metal and GLES 2.0 ).

Nodes used: Word Normal, World Space Light Dir, Dot, Float, Power, Vertex To Fragment, Light Attenuation, Light Color, Multiply

Node Parameter Description Default Value
No Interpolation When active, makes sure it uses an interpolator with the nointerpolation flag used, which prevents the values assigned to it to be interpolated on the rasterization process. False
Input Port Description Type
(VS) In Value to be transferred to surface/fragment function. Float [1]

  1. ^ Port automatically adapts to all connection types except Matrices and Sampler types.

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