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Fully editable with Amplify Shader Editor - Product Page - HDRP - URP - Built-in

General Samples

2D Fractal
2 Sided
Animated Fire
Animated UV Distortion
Basic HDRP Material Types
Cubemap Reflections
Decal Scifi Panels
Decals Muddy Ground

Dissolve Burn
Dithering Fade
Double Layer Car Shaders
Environment Gradient
Fake Window
Force Shield
Glint Sparkle
HD Lit Refraction
Highlight Animated
Let it Flow
LowPoly Water
Normal Extrusion
Omni Decal
Orientation Based Sprite
Parallax Mapping Iterations
Parallax Occlusion Mapping
Plane Clip
Position Cutoff
Radial UV Distortion
Read From Atlas Tiled
Rim Light
Scale Independent Tile
Screen Space Curvature
Screen Space Detail
Simple Blur
Simple GPU Instancing
Simple Noise
Simple Potion Liquid
Simple Refraction
Single Channel Masking
Snow Accum
Substance 2018
Texture Array
Transparent Cutout
Triplanar Projection
Two Sided With Face
Vector Displacement Mapping
Vertex Normal Reconstruction
Water Sample
WorldPos Slices