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Add Node

The Add Node ( shortcut: A key ) does an arithmetic addition of two or more values, up to 10, or ( A + B + ... ). By default the node only shows two input ports so if the addition of more than two values is needed a new port is dynamically added whenever an output port wire is picked up. These extra inputs are also dynamically removed if they aren't connected.

Addition between multi-channel data types are done per-channel. If A and B have different channel amounts a cast is done to match the one with the most amount of channels.

Note: Addition is commutative so value's order is not important.

Nodes used: Texture Sample, Add

Node Parameter Description Default Value
A The first value. Only visible if the respective input port is not connected. 0
B The second value. Only visible if the respective input port is not connected. 0

Input Port Description Type
A The first value Float [1]
B The second value Float [1]
# The #n-th value, up to 10. Only visible when already connected or when you pick up an output wire connection. Float [1]

  1. ^ Port automatically adapts to all connection types except Sampler types.

Math Operators - Add/Multiply

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