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The Texture Coordinate node allows you to manipulate Tiling, Offset, and even select the UV Set used(aka UV Channel); useful both for static or animated textures(Panning and Rotation). Usually used with the Texture Sample node. UV coordinates define how the texture is mapped onto your asset.[Reference]



  • Tex - Texture Object reference.
  • Tiling - XY texture tiling.
  • Offset - XY texture offset position.


  • UV - Outputs both U and V coordinates.
  • U - Outputs U coordinates.
  • V - Outputs V coordinates.

Node Properties

  • Tiling - X and Y tiling amount.
  • Offset - X and Y offset position.
  • Reference -
  • Coord Size - Float 2 by default, can also be set to Float 3 and 4; Outputs will change accordingly to the selected parameter - Float 2 UV, Float 3 UVW, Float 4 UVWT.
  • UV Set - UV channel used, also refereed to UV Index in some applications; 1 by default, 2 usually used for Lightmap UV coordinates.



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