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World Position Node

Per pixel calculation of the surface position in world space. This means it will retrieve the true world position of each point in the surface. The position values take into account the gameobject transform so they change accordingly to the gameobject position, rotation and size. This is usually useful for global effects like mapping the world position to the surface UV coordinates. Effects that use it are usually easy to identify because most of the times it displays some kind of "texture swimming" where the textures pan when the object is being moved. Because of this, it's usually used for static object's effects.

NOTE: Do not confuse with Vertex Position node.

Nodes used: Texture Sample, World Position, Saturate, Lerp

Output Port Description Type
XYZ Returns the surface position in world space Float3
X Returns only the X component of the surface position Float
Y Returns only the Y component of the surface position Float
Z Returns only the Z component of the surface position Float

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