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Billboard Node

The Billboard node will rotate vertex data ( position + normal ) to align object's axis to current camera.
This node is a bit different from all others as it injects the necessary code into the vertex body and writes directly on the vertex position and normal. It outputs a value of 0 so it can be connected directly to a vertex port ( only if that port is a relative vertex offset ) or it can be used in an Add node so further vertex operations can be placed.
Billboards can be set through its Type either as Cylindrical where only the object X and Z axis are aligned with the camera ( useful when rendering trees ) or as Spherical where all axis are aligned.
Also, through the Ignore Rotation parameter an object's initial rotation can be either completely ignored and overridden, or it can be used as a delta rotation over the billboard final calculations.

NOTE: Billboard node should only be connected to vertex ports.

Nodes used: Texture Sample, Billboard, Vertex Position, Scale, Add

Node Parameter Description Default Value
Type Defines which of the object's axis should be aligned with the camera
  • Cylindrical: Only aligns object x and Z axis with camera
  • Spherical: Completely aligns object axis with camera
Ignore Rotation If turned off, the object initial rotation will be used as a delta rotation on top of the billboard final calculated rotation.

On the other way, if turned on the object initial rotation will be completely ignored and the final rotation will be only be set by the billboard result.


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