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Edge Length Tessellation Node

The Edge Length Tessellation Node sets up tessellation according to an object triangles edge length on screen. This technique allows the subdivision of a mesh's triangles, splitting them into smaller triangles at run-time in order to increase the surface detail of any given mesh. On this node in particular a desired final edge length is set via the Edge Length parameter which makes longer edges have a larger tessellation factor applied to them.

NOTE:Using this node is equivalent to activate the Tessellation option on the Master Node and set its Type to Edge Length. The Shader Model will be automatically set to 4.6 if its set to a lower value, since its the minimum version required.

Nodes used: Float, Edge Length Tessellation,

Node Parameter Description Default Value
Edge Length Desired final tessellated edge length in pixels. Only visible if the respective input port is not connected. 0
Input Port Description Type
Edge Length Desired final tessellated edge length in pixels. Float

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