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Substance Sample Node

The Substance Sample node gives access to available outputs from a selected Substance. It must have the Generate all outputs option toggled on for this node to be able to show all outputs.
Values generated by each output port are already a color result from texture fetching the corresponding Substance output.

Note: This node preview dynamically changes its contents to show only the outputs that are currently being used by other nodes.

Nodes used: Substance Sample

Node Parameter Description Default Value
Substance Substance to be used by the node. None
UV Set The UV channel used, also knows as UV Index in some applications. Set 2 is usually used for Lightmap UV coordinates.
  • [1,4]: Changes set to specified number from set 1 to set 4
Auto-Normal If toggled on, automatically detects which outputs are normal maps and correctly unpacks their values. true

Input Port Description Type
UV External UV Coordinates to be used when texture fetching each output. Vector2
Output Port Description Type
Substance Outputs All available Substance Outputs will be converted to Output ports of type Color or Vector3 depending if they are regular textures or normal maps. Color/Vector3

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