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v1.7.0 rev 00:

New Node:
   * Voronoi
Fixes: * Fixed issue on all templates not being available to choose over the Creates > Amplify Shader menu * Fixed issue on Unlit absolute mode * Fixed issue on both Lightweight templates absolute mode * Fixed issue on 'World Space View Dir' node preview * Fixed blinking window when 'Add'or 'Mul' nodes are dynamically changing their input ports * Fixed issue with detection loop function that was causing massive slow downs on node connection on big graphs * Fixed multiple issues with new Lit template * 'Face' and 'Switch By Face' now correctly work on the latest HDRP version * Fixed multiple issue on latest HD Lit template * Fixed issue when selecting shaders on Unity 2019.3 * Fixed incorrect local variable generation on multiple nodes over Standard Surface's Vertex ports
Improvements: * Improved editor performance by only refreshing when needed and only updating previews that are necessary to update * Texture array auto sorting on texture drop over Texture Array tool * Directives can now be written both before or after (via mouse drag ) to native directives detected on template * Added dropdown for custom editor in templates that contain the HD material inspector * 'Depth Fade' and 'Screen Depth' can now be used on vertex shader * Improved and optimized node search on context menu * Node developers can now associate tags to their nodes * Small improvement to shader function properties order when multiple shader functions are inside each other * Improved 'Noise Generator' node * Added new Gradient type * Added new option to auto set noise generator values to a 0-1 range * Added new scale input port to scale its Size input * Extended Port options versatility when declared on SubShader (API) * Shader Properties default values can now be set through the SetShaderProperty action (API) * Refactored templates paths
Deprecated: * Disabled ASE custom texture array inspector on Unity 2019 and above * Marked old templates as deprecated * These will be eliminated from the package on a future build

v1.6.9 rev 02:

New Template:
   * Re-designed a new Lit HDR template for SRP v6 and above
       * Compatible with Unity's default HD material inspector
Fixes: * Fixed division by zero issues on 'Blend Operations' node * Fixed VR stereo issue in Standard Surface custom shadow caster * Fixed issue with reorderable properties in shader function being stuck when two or more of the same SF was used inside another one * Fixed incorrect variable naming on certain operations over both 'Transform Position' and 'Transform Direction' nodes * Fixed issue on Input Port internal wrapper creating float3x3 with float4x4 contents * Minor tab fixing on Unlit template * Fixed issue on HD templates Auto-Importer * Fixed issue on not always capturing the template custom inspector correctly * Fixed compatibility issue with 'Diffusion Profile' node on Unity 2019.3
Improvements: * Added tag system to node search and improved how nodes are searched * Now words don't have to be in the same order of the name to match * Reactivated SRP Batcher compatibility * Each UnityPerMaterial Cbuffer set in pass now contains all declared property variables

v1.6.9 rev 01:

   * Adding support for HDRP v6xx over Unity 2019.2
       * HDRP v5xx now set as legacy and moved into the SRP (Legacy) folder
       * LWRP templates remain the same between v5 and v6
   * 'Swizzle' node is now non-destructive when connecting data with less info than selected options

v1.6.9 rev 00:

   * Fixed 'Component Mask' node preview 

v1.6.8 rev 07:

New Nodes:
   * Gradient
   * Gradient Sample
Fixes: * Fixed nodes incorrectly moving when interacting with popup fields in recent Unity versions * Fixed issue on incorrect size for vertex normal data on LWRP Unlit template
Improvements: * Added Built-in Fog option to LWRP Unlit template

v1.6.8 rev 06:

   * Fixed issue on incorrectly selecting Shader Name textfield when opening an ASE shader
   * Fixed issues on incorrect uv coordinates size over 'Grab Screen Color' node
   * Fixed GPU instancing and vertex offset issues on all HDRP templates
   * Fixed parse issues when capturing structs inside templates (API)
   * Temporarily disabled SRP Batcher as it was not properly working

v1.6.8 rev 05:

   * 'Grab Screen Color' now prevents Unity macro inconsistent behavior between Unity versions

v1.6.8 rev 04:

   * Fixed issues regarding Diffusion Profile usage on HDRP

v1.6.8 rev 03:

   * 'Grab Screen Color' now prevents Unity macro inconsistent declaration ending between VR and non-VR compilation
   * Preventing compilation errors related to GPU Instancing on SRP

v1.6.8 rev 02:

   * Added missing stereo config on LW Unlit template
   * Fixed Blend Mode config on HD Lit template when choosing Opaque mode

v1.6.8 rev 01:

   * Fixed compilation issue with 'Grab Screen Color' node on VR
   * Fixed issue on Shadow Caster pass over HD Lit template v5.16.1
   * 'Grab Screen Color' node now takes VR into account on LWRP
Improvements: * Share links now have permanent lifetime * Added new Depth Offset option into HD Lit template v5.16.1

v1.6.8 rev 00:

New features:
   * Added Share button that uploads select data to the cloud for easy sharing
   * Added Screenshot button that takes a screenshot of the whole graph and saves it to disk
       * For now this is a Windows only feature
Fixes: * Fixed issue on 'Toggle Switch' node registering a toggle drawer twice causing inspector warnings * Fixed issue on not always capturing the Fallback library on templates * Fixed both 'HSV to RBG' and 'RGB to HSV' node previews * Fixed issue on sometimes losing directives info on Shader Functions after being moved into a different path * Fixed issue on Shader Function being incorrectly loaded into a separate tab after being moved into a different path * Fixed issue on certain Pass Options only being applied to main pass Master Node
Improvements: * ASE now auto-imports SRP templates if they are installed via Package Manager * It will also import correct templates in case of user switches between versions * User still need to open the shaders and hit the Update button so they are compiled on the correct version * Improved canvas buttons to better represent their purpose * Improved PPS Template under Single Pass VR * Mosaic Effect PPS sample now fully works across VR * Set Port Name action can now be registered on Port options block(API)

v1.6.7 rev 06:

   * Fixed multiple issues on 'Custom Expression' node
       * Fixed layout issue when writing input names
       * Fixed issue on updating InOut/Out ports when reordering inputs
       * Fixed custom loading issue on void Output or Call mode when no inputs are declared
       * Fixed issue where user could set main output type as OBJECT type
       * Fixed incorrect text replacement on Call mode code
       * Fixed Custom Types not being correctly declared
   * Fixed compilation issues both on HD Lit and PBR when WRITE_MSAA_DEPTH directive is used
   * Possible fix on VR issue with Lightweight RP
   * Possible fix on issue with Unlit template when using Single Pass Stereo VR
   * Possible fix on issue with 'Grab Screen Color' node when using Single Pass Stereo VR
Improvements: * Added Variable Mode to 'Grab Screen Color' node * Added new Alpha port on 'Blend Operations' node to enable a more layered like behavior * Added support to SRP 5.16.1

v1.6.7 rev 05:

   * Fixed issue with alpha cutoff on both HD Lit 5.7.2 and 5.13 templates
Improvements: * Added new template option functionality to copy properties from sub shader module (API)

v1.6.7 rev 04:

   * Fixed issue on not taking variables declared on template into account when registering instanced variables

v1.6.7 rev 03:

   * Fixed issue on 'Static Switch' node when setting default value on Enum type
   * Fixed issue on 'Triplanar Sampler' node incorrectly activating mid and bottom index ports
   * Fixed normal map unpacking issues with Lightweight RP over mobile
Improvements: * Adding INTERNALTESSPOS into template semantics to prevent user issues

v1.6.7 rev 02:

   * Fixed exposure issue on both diffuse and specular components over HDRP templates
New Templates: * Adding specific templates for legacy HDRP v5.7.2

v1.6.7 rev 01:

   * Changed how depth fetch is done to prevent issues on single pass vr 
   * Tweaked 'World Position' node preview shader to prevent issues over PS4
   * Fixed issue on 'World to Object' node when used on templates
   * Fixed 'Custom Expression' node issue with Auto-Register on shader functions
Improvements: * Post-Processing Tool now works under a InvariantCulture to be region independent * 'Static Switch' node now supports both shader_feature_local and multi_compile_local * Only available on Unity 2019.1 and above * Activate the Is Local toggle over the node properties

v1.6.7 rev 00:

New Sample:
   * Volumetric Pixelize by Raphael Ernaelsten
New Nodes: * Diffusion Profile * Packed inside HDSRPTemplates.unitypackage * To be used on Unity 2019 with HDRP 5.13 * Baked GI
Improvements: * 'Grab Screen Color' node now works on both HDRP 4.x.x and 5.x.x * Added new Is Variable toggle on 'Custom Expression' node
Fixes: * Fixed possible null pointer access when losing focus on a ASE window * 'Texture Sample' and 'Texture Coordinates' nodes no longer breaks GPU Instancing/SRP Batcher

v1.6.6 rev 00:

   * Added support for both Lightweight and HD SRP v5.13.0 on Unity 2019
       * Templates for SRP v4.x.x on Unity 2018.3 are still accessible through packages
           * HDSRPTemplates 4xx (Legacy)
           * LWSRPTemplates 4xx (Legacy)
   * Updated 'Triplanar Sample' node to include a new position port
       * Also updated TriplanarProjection sample to include this node usage
Fixes: * Fixed issue with using vertex tangent data over SRP templates

v1.6.5 rev 00:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on interpolator usage on template based shaders when current shader model max amount is reached

v1.6.4 rev 03:

  • Improvements:
   * Improved Post-Processing Tool behavior
       * Removed dependencies on Unity's Post-Processing Stack libs to prevent compilation issues
       * Added new 'Allow In Scene View' option

v1.6.4 rev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Added missing ase_pragma tag over PPS template

v1.6.4 rev 01:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with using 'Indirect Diffuse Light' node with Lightweight PBR template

v1.6.4 rev 00:

  • Fixes:
   * 'Indirect Diffuse Light' node now works on the HD SRP templates
   * Fixed memory leak on closing ASE windows
   * Fixed port define issue with linked ports over template options (API)
   * Fixed loading issue on 'Reconstruct World Position From Depth' shader function

v1.6.3 rev 09:

  • Fixes:
   * Added missing ase_frag_input tag on Lightweight Unlit SRP template
   * Fixed compiler issues when using 'Face' and 'Switch by Face' nodes on Vertex Ports
  • Improvements:
   * Minor tweak on Simple GPU Instancing sample for GPU Instancing behavior to be more evident

v1.6.3 rev 08:

  • Improvements:
   * Standard Surface custom ASE shadow caster can now be turned off
       * Toggle on new 'Use Default Shadowcaster' option over Rendering Options group
  • Fixes:
   * Nodes 'Face' and 'Switch by Face' now properly work over the HD Unlit template
       * Fixed issue on missing ase_frag_input tags over HD Unlit
   * Template Port Options can now be properly registered over SubShader (API)

v1.6.3 rev 07:

  • Fixes:
   * Removed unnecessary code being used when on Custom Lighting 
   * Fixed 'Light Color' node not being correctly reset when on subtractive lightmaps
       * Removed gi.light.color usage from Blinn Phong Light shader function as it was a temporary fix for the above

v1.6.3 rev 06:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issues on 'Light Attenuation' node over Lightweight SRP
       * Removed incorrect N.L contribution 
       * Fixed issue on duplicate variables when using multiple nodes

v1.6.3 rev 05:

  • New Sample:
   * SRP HD Omni Decal
  • Fixes:
   * 'Indirect Diffuse Light', 'Indirect Specular Light' and 'Light Attenuation' now works on Lightweight SRP
   * Fixed issue on 'Screen Position' node previewer when on Screen Mode
   * Fixed 'Screen Depth' node issue over Particle Alpha Blended template
  • Improvements:
   * 'Static Switch' nodes now have a Reference mode
       * Can use other nodes as reference, similar to 'Texture Sample' node
   * Minor cleanup on 'Reconstruct World Position From Depth' shader function
   * Can set shader functions as hidden so it wont show on context menu
       * Activate Hidden toggle over shader function General options

v1.6.3 rev 04:

  • Fixes:
   * Minor fix on Screen Space Detail sample
   * Fixed issue on instanced surface terrains not being able to be picked/selected
   * Fixed issue with lightmaps and instanced standard surface terrains
   * Fixed issue with 'Four Splats First Pass Terrain' shader function on default templates
   * Fixed issue with duplicate local variables on 'Texture Coordinates'
   * Fixed issue on duplicate ST variable when using Particle Texture Parameter over Particles template
  • Improvements:
   * 'Switch By Pipeline' node now takes default template and surface into account
   * UsePasses can be directly registered by nodes on data collector(API)
   * ASE Custom Shader Inspector now also shows SRP Batcher compatibility status

v1.6.3 rev 03:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issues with Custom Lighting on Subtractive Lighting Mode
   * Fixed issue on Diffusion Profile Id not being correctly written when Transmission is activated on HD Lit template

v1.6.3 rev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with Mosaic Effect PPS sample not opening correctly on Unity 2018.1 and 2018.2
   * Fixed issue on Multi Pass Distortion sample not taking skybox into account
  • Improvements:
   * User can now specify sub-shader tags 
       * Moved RenderType tag to sub-shader level

v1.6.3 rev 01:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on screen position calculation across all templates
   * Fixed issue with 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node
  • Improvements:
   * Minor tweak on Post-Processing Stack template

v1.6.3 rev 00:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed multiple issues with 'Triplanar Sample' node over SRP

v1.6.2 rev 11:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on ST registry at 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node not taking SRP name convention into account
   * 'Reconstruct World Position From Depth' shader function now compatible with HDRP
   * Fixed crash caused by the 'Outline' node when attempting to be used on nested shader functions
   * Fixed issues with 'Screen Position', 'Depth Fade' and 'Screen Depth' nodes on PPS template

v1.6.2 rev 10:

  • New Template:
   * PostProcessStack
       * Post-Processing shader based on Unity provided example
  • New Sample:
   * Mosaic Effect PPS
  • New Tool:
   * Post-Processing Stack Tool
       * Generates a cs script with a PPS Renderer and Settings from a given shader
  • New Shader Function:
   * Decoding Directional Lightmap
  • Improvements:
   * Added inline property for Alpha to Coverage option on Standard Surface Shader Type
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed 'Triplanar Sample' and 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' nodes issues with texture arrays on SRP
   * Fixed crash caused by the 'Outline' node when attempting to be used on templates
       * This node is specific to Standard Surface Shader Type
   * Fixed issue with using Lightweight PBR legacy template

v1.6.2 rev 08/09:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with depth texture fetching on Lightweight SRP

v1.6.2 rev 07:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on template asset post processor

v1.6.2 rev 06:

  • Improvements:
   * Updated Decals code and removed warnings from HD Lit template
   * Improved behavior when loading outdated meta from shaders using modified templates
   * Added No Scale and Offset attribute to 'Texture Array' node
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed instancing issues over HD Lit template

v1.6.2 rev 05:

  • New Shader Function:
   * Blinn Phong Light Wrap
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with null pointer exception when hacking selection on dynamic ports
       * Input ports which appear on p.e. 'Add' and 'Multiply' nodes when dragging wires
   * Fixed shadow issues on HD PBR samples
   * Fixed 'Billboard' node issues on HD SRP
   * Fixed D3D11 internal compiler error on Android + VR over multiple templates
   * Fixed issue with Depth Texture declaration on particles template over Android + VR
   * Fixed issue with local var declaration of custom types on 'Custom Expression' node
   * Fixed issue with 'Object To World','World To Object' and 'Transform Position' nodes
  • Improvements:
   * Added the action of (de)activating ZWrite when Surface type is selected on HD Lit template
   * Added the action of selecting correct Blend RGB when Surface Type is selected on HD Lit template
   * Improved failsafe to when template creators changes order on passes, removes or add new ones
   * Depth Texture now being declared with Unity's own macro on Unity 5.6 and above to prevent issues
   * Updated HD templates and samples to v.4.9.0
       * Users can still use v4.8.0 although template shaders will present an error
       * Final compiled shader will have error removed
   * Added Refraction's Chromatic Aberration as an Inline Property on Standard Surface
       * Located on Blend Mode menu, bellow Refraction Layer option
       * Only shows when Refraction port is connected
   * 'DecodeLightmap' now working on latest SRP templates
   * 'Fetch Lightmap Value' shader function now takes SRP into account

v1.6.2 rev 04:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed World To Object and Object To World operations on Lightweight SRP
  • Improvements:
   * Added support for Terrain instancing over Unity 2018.3
   * Correctly handling when user wants to disable main output node
   * Minor tweaks over SRP templates global tags to be able to properly inject code dependent on vertex data

v1.6.2 rev 03:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on HD Lit Motion Vector's pass
   * Fixed issue with Default UI template when used on Sprite Renderers
  • Improvements:
   * SRP templates no longer have CBuffer block pre-written
       * Instanced Properties now correctly declare CBlocks
   * Added new Receive Shadows option into Lightweight templates to correctly handle shadows

v1.6.2 rev 02:

  • New Node:
   * Instance Id
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on not being able to have multiple property nodes fetching the same variable
   * Fixed version issue on both HD and LW samples
  • Improvements:
   * Removed hard cap on interpolator usage on templates
       * Message is thrown to the user if maximum allowed by shader model is reached

v1.6.2 rev 01:

  • New Template:
   * HD Lit
  • New Sample:
   * SRP HD Lit Refraction
  • Improvements:
   * Can add options on template which lets users change its behavior when using it on ASE
   * Added Vertex Position option into Unlit and SRP templates
       * Specified value on Vertex input port can now be either a relative value or an absolute one
   * Passes can now be excluded from final shader through Available Passes menu over SubShader Properties
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issues with Lightweight PBR Shadow Caster on WebGL and Android

v1.6.2 rev 00 / v1.6.1 rev 05:

  • New Template:
   * Unlit Lightmap
  • New Sample:
   * Unlit With Lightmap
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Depth Fade' node with custom Vertex Positions
   * Fixed issue with using the X,Y,Z,W output ports on 'Object To World' node

v1.6.1 rev 04:

  • New Node:
   * Linear Depth
       * Converts values given on logarithmic space to linear
  • Improvements:
   * Minor improvement on nodes loading time when initializing ASE
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed local variable duplicate issue when using 'Depth Fade' and 'Screen Position' nodes
   * Fixed serialization issue with Additional Use Passes and Fallback data when going into play mode
   * Fixed HDRP issues on Motion Vectors pass
   * Fixed issue with uniform keyword usage inside cbuffers (SRP templates) over PS4
   * Fixed issue with 'Common Transform Matrices' node over SRP templates
   * Fixed object to world/world to object space transform on transform nodes over HD templates
       * 'Transform Position', 'Object To World' and 'World To Object' nodes 
       * They now take SHADEROPTIONS_CAMERA_RELATIVE_RENDERING keyword into account
   * Fixed issue with 'Pixelate UV' node when used over vertex functions
   * Fixed foldout issue between Additional Surface Options and Custom SubShader Tags on Surface node properties

v1.6.1 rev 03:

  • New Shader Functions:
   * Terrain Wind Value
   * Terrain Wind Animate Vertex
       * Updated Simple Terrain sample to use this shader function
  • Improvements:
   * Updated HDRP PBR template to v4.6.0
   * Added Alpha To Coverage/Alpha To Mask option into templates
       * Set under the Blend Mode area
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on Emission color being added over Forward Add pass when using 'Standard Surface Light' node

v1.6.1 rev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with reordering material properties for Translucency and Refraction port's properties
   * Fixed issue with 'Texture Sample' node when referencing an unconnected node

v1.6.1 rev 01:

  • Improvements:
   * Updated HDRP templates to v4.3.0
   * 'Vertex Tangent' node now has Size option
   * Added access to all 8 UV sets on Surface shaders
   * Re-added 'Clip' node
       * First Input Port acts as a relay
       * Clip uses difference between Alpha and Threshold ( Alpha - Threshold )
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with late directives being injected on globals tag when functions area is available
       * Affected usage of 'World Space Light' nodes on HDRP templates
   * Fixed division by 0 issue on 'Triplanar Sample' node
   * Fixed incorrect directional light vector usage on HDRP templates

v1.6.1 rev 00:

  • Fixes:
   * Excluding Primitive ID source code from MacOS 

v1.6.0 rev 00:

  • Improvements:
   * Updated SRP templates to v4.2.0
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on GBuffer pass over HD PBR template
   * Fixed alpha clip issues on Legacy HD PBR template

v1.5.9 rev 02:

  • New Nodes:
   * Vertex Id
   * Primitive ID
  • New Shader Functions:
   * Perturb Normal HQ
   * Prepare Perturb Normal HQ
  • Improvements:
   * Matrix type nodes can now be GPU instanced
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with 'Fresnel' node with Tangent Normal vectors on Surface shaders
   * Fixed issues on Motion Vector pass on both 3.x.x. and 4.x.x templates
   * Fixed issue with world pos generation on HD 4.x.x

v1.5.9 rev 01:

  • Improvements:
   * Added Auto Gamma to Linear option into 'Color' nodes when set to Constant
   * Added access to all 8 uv channels on 'Texture Coordinates' and 'Vertex TexCoord' nodes
       * Only for 2018.2 and above
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed 'Gamma To Linear' and 'Linear To Gamma' compiler errors on SRP v.4.x.x

v1.5.9 rev 00:

  • Fixes:
   * 'Grab Screen Color' node now also working on Lightweight SRP v3.x.x
   * Fixed possible issue with Shader Function creation callback not being inside AmplifyShaderEditor namespace 

v1.5.8 rev 03:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed multiple issues in both PBR and Unlit templates for HD SRP v4.x.x
   * Fixed issue over clip space transforms on HD SRP
   * Fixed issue on sampling depth buffer on HD SRP

v1.5.8 rev 02:

  • Improvements:
   * Multiple improvements over 'Global Array' node
       * Added support for jagged arrays
       * Added Auto-Register toggle
       * Can reference other nodes through new Mode dropdown ( similar to 'Grab Screen Color' node )
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed memory leak over 'Template Local Var' node
   * Fixed HD templates issues over new HD 4.1.0

v1.5.8 rev 01:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on Live Mode writing on non ase shaders when loaded into canvas
   * Fixed issue on MacOS with scroll bar over Texture Array Creator tool
   * Fixed issue on MacOS with 'Function Input' node generated default Sampler 2D value
  • New Shader Function:
   * Substance Blend Metallic
  • Improvements:
   * 'Grab Screen Color' node is now supported on LW SRP
       * Uses the new _CameraOpaqueTexture which must be requested on the pipeline asset
           * Must toggle on the Opaque Texture option over its General foldout
   * Added Clip and Tangent spaces into 'Transform Direction' node
   * Added Tangent space into 'Transform Position' node

v1.5.8 rev 00:

  • New Sample:
   * Substance 2018
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed canvas crash when loading shaders with missing templates
   * Fixed issue on UV Coords creation over 'Substance Sample' Node
   * Fixed issue with loosing Substance reference on 'Substance Sample' node when applying new changes on it
       * Only happened on Unity 2018 with Substance in Unity plugin
   * Fixed issue on nested instanced properties over shader functions not being taken into account
  • Improvements:
   * Upgraded Lightweight and HD templates to v5.0.0
       * Maintained templates for v.3.x.x under the packages HDSRPTemplates (Legacy) and LWSRPTemplates (Legacy)

v1.5.7 rev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issues on 'Static Switch' node
       * Property Name wasn't available in all options
       * Keys on Keyword Enum over Fetch Mode were being automatically upper cased
   * Fixed issue on 'Get Local Var' node  not propagating node data correctly after being loaded

v1.5.7 rev 01:

  • New Templates:
   * Custom RT Init
       * Packed inside AmplifyShaderEditor > Plugins > EditorResources > Templates > CustomRTTemplates
   * Custom RT Update
       * Packed inside AmplifyShaderEditor > Plugins > EditorResources > Templates > CustomRTTemplates
  • New Sample:
   * Custom Render Texture Rain
       * Packed inside AmplifyShaderEditor > Examples > Custom RT Samples
       * Needs both Custom RT Init and Custom RT Update templates to be imported into project
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on Queue Offset incorrect writing over templates
   * Fixed issue on templates not recognizing uint
   * Fixed minor issue over Directives UI
   * Fixed Shadow Coord macro registry differences between Unity 5.5 and above
  • Improvements:
   * Added Substance Plugin integration over ASE for Unity 2018 and above
   * Added Mirror option into 'Depth Fade' node
       * Enabled by default, which was older behavior
       * If toggled on, sets an abs operation over the final value
   * Custom Render Textures can now be used/dragged over ASE
   * Can Pan and Zoom ASE canvas camera through keyboard directional keys
       * Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow keys pan camera
       * Alt+Up/Alt+Down/Alt+Left/Alt+Right Arrow keys zoom camera

v1.5.7 rev 00:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with using FACE type nodes over both Lightweight and HD Unlit templates
   * Fixed issue regarding 'Lerp' node's Alpha input port always loading as a Float type
   * Fixed minor issue on 'Function Subtitle' node tooltip
   * Fixed minor issue on 'Posterize' node
       *  Power variable should not be shown on property window if its input port is connected
   * Fixed minor issue with auto-spacing over shader function names

v1.5.6 rev 08:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed Queue Offset not being correctly set when loading certain template based shaders
   * Fixed HSV nodes previews
   * Fixed multiple issues with Directives over shaders functions
   * Fixed issue on nodes not being correctly set up over template's invisible passes with linked ports
  • Improvements:
   * Directives in Include mode now fully support cgincs and hlsl files to be dragged into them
       * Similar behavior of inline properties, click on button right next to Include textfield to activate object drop UI
   * Adding GPU Instancing support to Unlit template
   * Adding new Vertex Position port into 'Depth Fade' node
   * Adding new Saturate option into 'Depth Fade' node
   * Can now set precision to each 'Custom Expression' node items individually

v1.5.6 rev 07:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed duplicated events registry when loading graphs
   * Fixed incorrect instanced variables reset over shader functions

v1.5.6 rev 06:

  • Fixes:
   * Out variables on 'Custom Expression' node no longer appears as inputs
   * Fixed issue on not updating output port names correctly over 'Custom Expression' node
   * Fixed issue on properties with Header(...) not being written on shader
   * Fixed incorrect read/write on MRT Blend Mode and Op over template based shaders
   * Fixed possible infinite loops caused by 'Register/Get Local Var' nodes
   * Fixed Shader Type dropdown items not updating names correctly according to changes on template
   * Fixed issue on adding multiple ASE tabs on Unity 2018.3
   * Fixed WebGL error over 2018.3b
   * Fixed 'Parallax Offset' node issues when used on Lightweight and HD SRP templates
   * Fixed dynamically created outputs over shader function not being correctly set after hot code reload
  • Improvements:
   * Property Name and Values get its label clamped when too big
       * Full original name and value is shown over its node tooltip
   * Hidden tag on template shader names no longer created a category called Hidden
   * Adding new ase_funcs tag functionality to determine where function code should be injected 
       * If not specified, functions are grouped with global variables as before
   * Improved template reloading after being manually edited

v1.5.6 rev 05:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed 'Smoothstep' node code generation issue
   * Fixed ASE item grouping issue on Create menu over Unity 2017 and above

v1.5.6 rev 04:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed shortcut manager to take 2018.3 new event behavior into account

v1.5.6 rev 03:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed several shader functions issues
       * Fixed Undo issue when using directives textfields
       * Fixed issue of null references being set on directives list when loaded
       * Fixed directives not being correctly written on shader
       * Fixed incorrect Refraction port activation issue on Standard Surface Custom Lighting
       * Fixed issue on Property nodes with Auto-Register toggled on not being registered
   * Fixed cascaded shadows issue on HD PBR template
  • Improvements:
   * Minor update on 'Smoothstep' node ports behavior
   * Added preview to 'Swizzle' node

v1.5.6 rev 02

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on multi-pass templates not getting correct interpolator count from subshader info
   * Fixed issue on Depth Offset template option auto enabling after hot code reload
  • Improvements:
   * Using current world position and world view direction when getting indirect specular light values on templates

v1.5.6 rev 01

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with global variables on Property type nodes being ignored by Auto-Register toggle
   * Fixed Native Directives capture issue over templates
       * Fixed issues on adding duplicate directives if they are already natively on the template
   * Fixed compilation errors from Gamma/Linear nodes on SRP templates
   * Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException over file path on new shader creation
   * Fixed issues over Motion Vector pass on HD PBR template
   * Fixed issue on 'Light Color' node with HD templates
   * Fixed issue on 'World Space Light Dir' node with HD templates
   * Fixed issue on 'Object Space Light Dir' node with HD templates
  • Improvements:
   * Added support for Variable Mode over Texture Objects type nodes
   * Adding UI Widget helper for setting Render Type and Queue for templates
       * On SubShader Tags group, Value UI changes as soon as user writes RenderType or Queue on the Name textfield

v1.5.6 rev 00

  • New Samples:
   * SRP Lightweight Terrain
   * Multi Pass Distortion
  • New Node:
   * Switch by Pipeline
       * Shader function specific node to choose different paths according to current pipeline
  • New Shader Function:
   * Fetch HD Color Pyramid
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed world position issues over HD PBR Template
   * Fixed transparent issues over HD PBR template
   * Prevented WorldNormalVector macro to confuse lerp operations
   * Fixed issue on created shaders being placed in incorrect folders when on two column node
   * Fixed issue on property registering over multi-pass shaders
  • Improvements:
   * Custom Options can now be added directly over templates
   * Adding Final Color x Alpha custom option into LW PBR
       * If toggled on multiples fragment final color by its alpha
   * Apply Fog on LW PBR takes Add Pass directive into account
   * Adding SRP support to Four Splats First Pass Terrain shader function
   * Material Global lIllumination flags for emission can now be modified over Surface Rendering Options
   * Activated Variable mode into 'Texture Sample' nodes

v1.5.5 rev 01

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue over incorrect name registration over 'Register Local Var' on pasting into another shader
   * Fixed issue on reading shaders using old shader functions with deprecated nodes
   * Fixed 'World Pos' node issue on HD SRP template
   * Fixed issue on 'World Normal' node when used in 'Lerp' node
  • Improvements:
   * 'Register/Get Local Var' nodes maintain connections even if copied to another shader

v1.5.5 rev 00

  • New Node:
   * Diffuse And Specular From Metallic
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issues on graph not being updated with material changes on inspector if tab is opened but not selected
   * Preventing Culture difference issues on material copy-paste
   * Fixed issue on all modules template tag conflict with existing shader model definition
   * Fixed HD issue on 'World Position' node
   * Fixed issue on losing name when copy-pasting property nodes between shaders
   * Fixed issue on resetting custom inspector to ASE default when loading or hot code reloading shader with its textfield empty
   * Fixed issue on not setting importer correctly on 'Texture Sample' node when setting a normal map type texture from inspector
  • Improvements:
   * Properties on invisible passes can now be synced with main pass over templates

v1.5.4 dev 10:

  • New Sample:
   * SRP HD Material Types
       * Please notice that for SSS to work properly, a Diffusion profile must be attached to the HD pipeline asset
           * We already supply one over the sample folder ( Diffusion Profile Settings )
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed UX issue with Auto-Register/Set Unique flags on 'Custom Expression' node
   * Fixed issue with cascade shadows over Lightweight template
  • Improvements:
   * Added Material Types selector into HD template
       * Subsurface Scattering
       * Standard (Metallic)
       * Specular
       * Anisotropy
       * Iridescence
       * Translucent

v1.5.4 dev 09:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed Grab Pass issue with 'Outline' node
   * Fixed PreviewRenderUtility leak over shader and material inspector on 2018.2
   * Fixed issue with 'PI' node over HD SRP
  • Improvements:
   * Minor improvement over shader save time

v1.5.4 dev 08:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Component Mask' node generating compilation errors inside shader functions with auto-cast inputs
   * Fixed issue on loop unroll error over 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node
   * Fixed issue on crashing ASE when loading a shader or shader function with a missing shader function reference
       * Adding error message when loading a shader or shader function with missing shader functions
  • Improvements:
   * Added support to Vertex Normal modification on both Unlit and PBR HD templates
   * Adding 'Global Array' variable name info directly on node

v1.5.4 dev 07:

  • New Templates:
   * HD PBR
   * HD Unlit
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on incorrectly capturing module tags
   * Fixed issues with 'Flipbook UV Animation' node
   * Fixed multiple issues with Directives usage under shader functions with templates
   * Fixed issue on 'Custom Expression' node loading on Call mode
   * Fixed issue on unpacking normals with scale on templates over multiple nodes
   * Changing tessellation on Procedural Wall sample shader from edge to distanced based to prevent metal issues on Mac

v1.5.4 dev 06:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Toggle Switch' node not taking Custom Attributes into account
   * Fixed out of bounds exception over 'Static Switch' node
   * Fixed issue on templates port linking behavior
   * Fixed issues on 'Texture Array', 'Triplanar Sample' and 'Unpack Scale Normal' nodes on Lightweight SRP
   * Fixed issue on shader function directives not being written on template based shaders
   * Fixed serialization issue on saving/loading shader function directives
   * Fixed issue with using 'Texture Array' node inside shader functions
   * Fixed shader compilation errors on'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' 
       * Now it does not generate code if no 'Texture Object' node is connected to it
   * Fixed issue on 'Grab Screen Color' node not updating reference list correctly when copy/pasted
   * Fixed issue with Undo'ing a 'Grab Screen Color' node on reference mode
  • Improvements:
   * Min and Max Samples options on 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node are now inline options

v1.5.4 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with Vector and Matrix UI spacing on 'Custom Expression' node
   * Fixed issue on functions being generated twice over a 'Custom Expression' node when auto register and connection are both on
   * Fixed Blend Op issues with OFF state
  • Improvements:
   * Can now use a custom screen position into 'Dither' node
   * Added Normalize option into 'Compute Screen Pos' node

v1.5.4 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on resetting material's Render Queue setting when compiling the shader in Material mode
   * Fixed issue on Blend Op menu not showing when loading a template based shader
  • Improvements:
   * Re-adding DX11 specific Blend Ops into its respective dropdowns
   * 'Custom Expression' node items are now reorderable
   * 'Custom Expression' node can now register dependencies to other ones
        * Can now better control function register order on final shader

v1.5.4 dev 02/dev 03:

  • New Shader Function:
   * Color Mask
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on template Unlit SRP generating an error when creating a Color or MainTex named property
   * Fixed issue on both 'Surface Depth' and 'Camera Depth Fade' nodes when inputting a custom vertex position
   * Stencil module on Pass now uses SubShader Cull mode if it's not specified on it
       * Important since Cull determines if separate stencil ops are show for each face
   * Fixed issue with Fallback shader selector not updating if its textfield is focused
   * Fixed issue on Grab Pass only being registered on first pass when on multi-pass templates
  • Improvements:
   * Added auto register option into 'Grab Screen Color' node
   * Adding UsePass support
       * New Additional Use Passes section on both Surface and Template output nodes
       * Can add UsePass before or after Surface code via a Location dropdown
       * On Templates the Below location is still under development and its not available

v1.5.4 dev 01:

  • New Shader Function:
   * Fetch Lightmap Value
  • Improvements:
   * Simple Terrain sample now support more than four splats
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on Node Palette reading incorrect maximized value when opening ASE window

v1.5.3 dev 12:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed null pointer exception with texture arrays over shader functions
   * Fixed memory leak on shader functions destruction
  • Improvements:
   * Improved templates loading behavior after hot code reload
   * Replaced individual lists for pragmas, defines and includes by a single reorderable list
       * Now user select what each line represents via a dropdown
   * Additional surface options can now be added via the Additional Surface Options tab on the Output node
   * Added custom type for 'Custom Expression' node data type specification

v1.5.3 dev 11:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on not correctly cleaning Undo stack when changing master node
   * Fixed multiple issues with safe normalize operation over world light dir and view dir 
   * Fixed world light dir issues over Lightweight SRP
   * Fixed GPU instancing compile issues on Lightweight SRP
   * Fixed issue on Includes/Pragmas/Defines UI not showing when no other modules over a template
  • Improvements:
   * Optimizing property block allocation for instanced variables to have less internal padding involved
   * Added custom attributes to 'Toggle Switch' node
   * Added toggle to 'Matrix from Vector' node use each input as column

v1.5.3 dev 10:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with being able to duplicate output nodes on templates
   * Fixed issue on foldout flag values being shared between multiple ASE tabs
  • Improvements:
   * 'Get Local Var' port is locked until a valid reference is set to prevent incorrect connections
   * Updated About image and added Manual link on Amplify Shader Editor menu group
   * Adding unique id duplicate prevention over shader load
   * Added support for stencil operations on Lightweight templates

v1.5.3 dev 09:

  • New Shader Functions:
   * Lerp White To
   * Detail Albedo
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed API library excluding tool for custom nodes
  • Improvements:
   * Template creators can now register all modules
       * Simply add the /*ase_all_modules*/ either on the Pass or SubShader body
   * Templates now support Fallback definition on shader
   * Templates now support Dependencies definition on shader

v1.5.3 dev 08:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed Instance ID issue over Lightweight SRP template

  • Improvements:
   * Added API option to remove includes on data collector
   * Stencil can now be toggled off on templates which have it

v1.5.3 dev 07:

  • New Sample:
   * Projectors
       * Exemplify Unity Projectors usage under ASE
  • Improvements:
   * Improved Texture Array Tool
       * Now also creates Texture3D by hitting the Texture 3D toggle
       * Can drag and drop multiple textures into tool
       * Can drag and drop a folder and it will include all its nested textures
       * Added Clear button to remove all textures from Texture List ( UI still work in progress )
   * 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node now also supports Texture 3D
       * Replaced the Texture Array toggle by a Texture Type dropdown
       * User must explicitly set the current 3D texture slice via the Tex3D Slice input port
   * Removed Fixed precision type since it's no longer available on Unity 2018
   * Updated Lightweight PBR template to v1.1.8
   * Re-factored Templates location and names
       * New and more flexible templates will be gradually added to replace legacy ones
               * A cleaner Unlit template shader was already added on this build
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on using depth operations on particle template
   * Fixed sometimes light attenuation not showing up correctly
   * Fixed allowing to open unity built-in shaders on ASE 
   * Fixed issue on using incorrect port value on 'Refract' node 
   * Fixed issue on Texture Object type nodes loosing texture type after load

v1.5.3 dev 06:

  • New Sample:
   * XRay
       * Object has different drawing behavior in front and behind a wall
       * Wall pattern is procedurally generated
  • Improvements:
   * Template internal properties can be used as inline properties on modules
   * Modules can now read inline properties from the template original source
       * Unreadable data message is no longer shown on node properties
   * Added more options to 'Fresnel' node
       * Now supports custom view vector
   * Preventing cast warning  with object to clip internal function usage when building shader code for Lightweight SRP
   * Added new icons for inline properties to the Unity personal skin to make them easier to spot
   * Updated Lightweight SRP templates
       * Cull Mode now shared across base, shadow and depth pass
       * Added new Normal input port
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue over templates on not assuming inline properties when loading/saving Cull Mode module
   * Fixed incorrect cast and type assignment on connections between 'Texture Object' and 'Texture Sample' nodes
   * Fixed issue on deleting outputs on shader functions and later opening the shaders that use it
   * Fixed issues on Vertex Offset port on Lightweight PBR template 
   * Fixed issue on not correctly loading 'Rotate About Axis' node from old shaders
   * Fixed issue on header not showing with texture properties with the NoScaleOffset attribute

v1.5.3 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed world normal issues over 'Outline' node
   * Fixed issues on reading/writing cull mode on templates meta
   * Fixed issue on capturing includes over templates
   * Fixed issue on Specular workflow over Lightweight PBR template
  • Improvements:
   * Cull Mode can now be modified over outline node 

v1.5.3 dev 04:

  • New nodes:
   * Transform Position
   * Transform Direction
  • Improvements:
   * Added inline property support over templates modules
       * Also added inline property support over Depth Offset values in both template and standard surface
   * Minor tweak over 'Clamp' node
       * Internal max value defaulted to 1
   * Adding additional modules into Lightweight templates
   * Enabling ZTest over Particles Alpha Blended template
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on Lightweight PBR template over tangents on objects with non-uniform scales
   * Fixed issue on Lightweight PBR not receiving real time shadows
   * Fixed issue on Lightweight Unlit template available interpolators
   * Fixed issue on Lightweight Unlit template not showing correctly on dropdown menu
   * Fixed issue on tab titles not being correctly written on shader mode over templates
   * Fixed issue on property names incorrectly appearing over inline properties
   * Fixed issue with copy/pasting 'Append' nodes
   * Fixed issue on 'Global Array' node loading from older shaders

v1.5.3 dev 03:

  • New Template:
   * Lightweight Unlit
       * Renamed already existing SRP Template to Lightweight PBR
  • New Sample:
   * SRP Lightweight 2D Fractal
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node over Lightweight templates
   * Fixed Safe Normalize issues with 'View Dir' node on templates
  • Improvements:
   * Added Auto-Register option into 'Static Switch' node
   * Minor improvement over 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node generated code to avoid duplicate calculations

v1.5.3 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed infinite loop via context menu issue
  • Improvements:
   * Added support for Specular workflow into Lightweight SRP template
       * Use either the new Specular port or the already existing Metallic port to choose which workflow to use
   * Added extra ASE null pointer exception prevention test on attempting loading shader with missing shader functions

v1.5.3 dev 01:

  • Improvements:
   * Conditional 'If' node also support Int as compare values
   * Added Triplanar scale port for normal scaling when using normals in 'Triplanar Sample' node
   * Improved code generation for 'Texture Coordinates' node
   * Changed way float values were being generated when their value was an integer
       * Removes warnings and makes sure some operations are done in the correct space, like divisions
   * Improved operations order on 'Panner' node
   * Added Force Disable Instancing option into Surface output node Rendering Options
   * Updated Lightweight SRP template to be compatible with Unity latest LW SRP version 1.1.5
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Global Array' node not being correctly detected by ASE
   * Fixed texture array sampling error caused by 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node on Unity 2018
   * Fixed issue on local variable excluded reset method
   * Fixed issue on 'Triplanar Sample' node Material Mode not being correctly set

v1.5.2 dev 05:

  • New Samples:
   * Single Channel Masking by Sarah Akers and David Marshall
   * Dithering Fade Blue Noise
  • New Node:
   * Inverse View Matrix
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on not copying defaults to material values when changing Type from Global to Property over property type nodes
   * Fixed Stencil Comparison not being correctly written on shader when set as an inline property
   * Fixed issue on Reference mode not being taken into account when registering 'Texture Sample' properties
   * Fixed infinite loop on 'Texture Sample' nodes with Reference mode
   * Fixed custom outline alpha mask mode
   * Fixed issues on compare type nodes accessing their Wiki page
   * Fixed dropdown left title padding for nodes that have it but don't have a preview arrow
  • Improvements:
   * Improved 'Unpack Scale Normal' node usage on Burn Effect sample
       * Now compatible across all Unity versions
   * Re-factored Global variables behavior over property type nodes
       * Material values can no longer be edited
       * Auto-fetching global variables values every 2 seconds 
   * Parameter type can be changed in node over texture type nodes
   * Removing automatic header creation by properties under shader functions
       * User now can manually set headers on property type nodes via its attributes
   * Turned the main Mask Clip Value an inline property so users can set it to be a specific node
   * Updated 'Screen Position' node preview
  • New Previews:
   * Compare ( A > B )
   * Compare ( A >= B )
   * Compare ( A < B )
   * Compare ( A <= B )
   * Compare ( A == B )
   * Compare ( A != B )
   * Compare With Range
   * If [Community]
   * Decode Float RG
   * Encode Float RG
   * Decode Float RGBA
   * Encode Float RGBA
   * Decode View Normal Stereo
   * Encode View Normal Stereo
   * Decode Lightmap
   * ColorSpaceDouble
   * Face
   * Switch By Face
   * LOD Fade
   * Layered Blend
   * Weighted Blend
   * Summed Blend

v1.5.2 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on Post-Process sample scenes crashing on lower Unity versions
   * Fixed issue on fallback behavior when required template on loaded shader is not found
   * Fixes issue on texture type nodes moving when a texture is selected over it's picker
       * ASE window now aware when ObjectSelectorClosed command is fired to ignore incorrect mouse delta values
  • Improvements:
   * View Dir vector on templates is now calculated on fragment by default
   * World Reflection vector on templates is now calculated on fragment by default
   * Native View Dir vector calculation on Lightweight SRP template is now done on fragment
   * Shader function 'Reconstruct World Position From Depth' now also works with screen shaders
   * Updated Skybox - Cubemap Extended by Cristian Pop sample

v1.5.2 dev 03:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with 'Grab Screen Color' node on Lightweight SRP template
   * Fixed multiple issues with Shader Model selection over templates
   * Fixed issue on not correctly syncing module data from modified template
  • Improvements:
   * Re-factored local variable creation over ports to make it more robust
   * Vertex ports are now analyzed before fragment ones
       * Vertex position dependent operations now take applied offsets into account
   * Pragmas, Includes and Defines are copied from linked nodes if Pass is set as invisible
   * Added preview to 'Vertex To Frag' node
   * Small optimization on drawing connections
   * Minor tweak over Particles Alpha Blended template
   * Assigned dynamic interpolators now take both sub shader and pass info into account
       * Modified Lightweight SRP template to share dynamic interpolators amount over hidden passes

v1.5.2 dev 02:

  • Improvements:
   * Added Safe Normalize option to 'World Space Light Dir' node
       * Assures vector is not zero even if there's no lights in scene 
   * Added Safe Normalize option to 'View Dir' node
       * Assures vector is not zero even if there's no cameras on scene
   * Property names can neither be or start with numerical values nor Unity reserved names
   * Variables from 'Register Local Var' nodes cannot start or be numerical
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed shader function subtitles not being shown after being set with the 'Function Subtitle' node
   * Fixed Custom Lighting using opacity and opacity mask duplicating code

v1.5.2 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
   * Changed alpha generation for Custom Lighting to work correctly with alpha mask
   * Fixed issue on shader function reloading not being taken as a load operation
   * Fixed instanced properties not being correctly taken into account inside shader functions
  • Improvements:
   * Improved shader function asset loading on Shader Function node

v1.5.1 dev 06:

  • Improvements:
   * Added preview to 'Noise Generator' node
   * Improved node internal data viewer performance
   * Improved the shader changed/dirty flag behavior
   * Improved graph canvas position adjust on loading from a previously different window configuration
   * Renamed 'Melting' sample shader to be in accordance with other community samples
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed property node auto-register issue on 'Skybox - Cubemap Extended' sample
   * Fixed issues with 'World Normal' and 'World Reflection' nodes on PS4
   * Fixed multiple cast issues across multiple nodes
   * Fixed incorrect port behavior on 'Refract' node
   * Fixed issue on undoing instanced properties assignment
   * Fixed 'Break To Components' node duplicating code and generating errors

v1.5.1 dev 05:

  • Improvements:
   * Added previews to nodes
       * Desaturate
       * Grayscale
       * Posterize
       * Simple Contrast
   * Normal type input ports now show the correct default tangent vector on nodes internal value previewer
       * Indirect Diffuse Light
       * Indirect Specular Light
       * Fresnel
       * World Normal
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed possible issue with 'Desaturate' node on PS4
   * Fixed issues with Undo/Redo operations over Wire nodes 
   * Fixed light color and light dir info on 'Light Color' 
       * Now takes into account Unity different behaviors between versions
   * Fixed issue on loading canvas on ASE tabs pointing to inexistent resources

v1.5.1 dev 04:

  • New Node:
   * Function Subtitle
       * Allows creation for custom subtitles on Shader Functions
  • New Shader Functions:
   * Perturb Normal
   * Cotangent Frame
  • Improvements:
   * Can now assign property to both blend modes and operations
   * Removing carriage return when saving 'Custom Expression' node code on meta
   * Improved restrictions on Shader Functions outputting Matrix type data
   * Name is carried over Pasted/Duplicated 'Custom Expression' nodes
   * Custom Editor/Inspector option is now available over templates
   * Updated both Lightweight template and samples to new beta version
       * Template now support vertex offset and alpha test
   * Nodes internal data can be viewed directly on canvas 
       * Can be turned on/off through the 'I' key
   * Added Editable If Custom Drawer by BinaryCats
   * Dynamic interpolator cap now respecting pass choice on graph 
   * Updating current templates to be dynamically cap'ed
   * 'Light Color' and 'World Space Light Dir' nodes now behave properly when used with lightmaps 
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with incorrectly trying to write fragment instructions on template without specified frag code area
   * Fixed issue where reference 'Function Switch' nodes were not displaying their option in all cases
   * Fixed wire node Undo issues

v1.5.1 dev 03:

  • New Samples:
   * Simple Potion Liquid
   * Melting by Gil Damoiseaux
  • Improvements:
   * Extended functionalities on 'Custom Expression' node 
       * Added Auto-Register toggle to create custom functions even if not connected to output node
       * Added void to Output Type
       * Call Mode toggle is now a Mode dropdown
           * Mode Call now only allows external function calls or inline instructions
           * If a return instruction is detected on code, Mode is set to Create and return type set to void
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed Undo issue with property type nodes auto-register option
   * Fixed issue on calculation view direction on tangent space over templates

v1.5.1 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue with 'Standard Surface Light' not taking Normal Space option into account
   * Fixed minor issue over 'Outline' node
   * Fixed issue on Undo not resetting correctly ports internal values
   * Fixed issue on incorrectly assigning main output node status into copy-pasted 'Function Output' nodes
  • Improvements:
   * Added custom attributes to 'Static Switch' node
   * Custom Material Inspector now properly copies texture scale and offset values

v1.5.1 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed 'Static Switch' node not properly generating Enum code in the correct order
   * Fixed normal generation issue on 'Standard Surface Light' node
   * Fixed issue when attempting to load shader using inexistent template on project folder
       * Now fall-backing to Standard Surface when template is not found
   * Fixed issue capturing properties with attributes on templates
   * Fixed incorrect tool-tip on 'Template Multi-Pass Switch' node
   * Fixed issue on normal generation over 'Fresnel' node
   * Fixed initialization issue on Default UI template
   * Fixed issue with accessing uninitialized textures on 'Triplanar Sample' node
   * Fixed preview issue on 'Template Parameter' node
   * Fixed issue locking picker on texture type nodes to current type when auto-cast is on 
  • Improvements:
   * Improved 'Break To Components' generated code
   * Preventing duplicates/re-definition of Pragmas, Defines and Includes over templates

v1.5.0 dev 02: Fixes:

   * Fixed issue on template capturing commented properties
   * Fixed multiple issues over templates with multiple sub-shaders
   * Fixed issue on master nodes attempting to access uninitialized UI texture
   * Fixed issue with sometimes not extracting the correct pass name from template
   * Fixed issue on incorrectly catching shader name on fetching modules info
   * Fixed issue with correctly setting the shader name

v1.5.0 dev 01:

  • New Samples:
   * SRP Lightweight GlintSparkle
   * SRP Lightweight Coverage
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on loading shader with missing shader functions
   * Fixed issue on duplicate pragmas over generated shader
   * Fixed issue with template post processor not correctly registering new templates
   * Fixed issue on template output nodes modules incorrectly sharing foldout value
   * Fixed Undo issue when undoing deleted property type nodes after saving shader
   * Fixed 'Static Switch' node registering duplicates in the material properties group
  • Improvements:
   * Reorganized samples shader paths
   * Reorganized template menu items
   * Canvas and output node title now shows shader name without relative paths
   * 'Register Local Var' node now generates a new name when duplicated
   * 'Indirect Diffuse Light', 'Indirect Specular Light' and 'Light Attenuation' nodes now work on templates

v1.4.5 dev 04:

  • New features:
   * Added support for multi-pass templates
   * Added support for Lightweight Scriptable Rendering Pipeline
  • New Shader Function:
   * Create Normal : Generates a normal map from a height map
  • New Template:
   * LightweightSRP
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed texture coordinates generation in templates
   * Changed initialization in 'Triplanar Sample' node to prevent null pointer errors

v1.4.5 dev 03:

  • Improvements:
   * Exposed Specular Color property into the Output node material list when Blinn Phong Light Model is selected

v1.4.5 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed Auto-Register option not being saved for property type nodes
   * Fixed issues with generated normalized screen position values over templates
  • Improvements:
   * Cull, Stencil, Color Mask and Depth options can now reference properties instead of standard options
   * Redone visuals of property type nodes Attributes list to be easier to use
   * Added new Enum and Custom attributes to property type nodes
       * Enum on Create Enum mode creates an Enum attribute using the specified Name/Value pairs
       * Enum on Use Engine Enum Class mode creates an Enum attribute from the specified class
       * Custom attribute allows to specify completely custom attributes
   * Outline now forces shader to be Forward only to prevent visual inconsistencies

v1.4.5 dev 01:

  • New Shader Function:
   * Constant Bias Scale
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed null pointer issue with removing connections with Alt key
   * Fixed issue on 'Template Local Var' node only working on fragment function

v1.4.4 dev 06:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Texture Sample' nodes not automatically setting the texture type on AUTO
   * Fixed connection type mismatch after CTRL + swap shortcut
   * Fixed issue on 'Dither' node

v1.4.4 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed multiple Undo issues on shader functions
   * Fixed serialization issue with both nodes and graph when hitting Unity play button

v1.4.4 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on Specular Highlights and Reflection toggle not being read/written into shader meta
   * Fixed issue on not correctly taking templates global variables into account when building shader
   * Fixed issue where 'Triplanar Sample' node wasn't being initialized properly
   * Fixed Undo issues on create/delete nodes
   * Fixed Undo issues on preview node resizing
  • Improvements:
   * Added new Enum Property Attributes for both 'Float' and 'Int' nodes
   * Added new Keyword Enums option to 'Static Switch' node Type option
       * Improved its interface to better accommodate new options
   * Added new keywords to 'Static Switch' Keyword dropdown
   * Increase max port count for 'Function Switch' node to 9
   * Added/Changed shortcuts for various nodes 
       * R - Create 'Register Local Var' node 
       * G - Create 'Get Local Var' node
       * Z - Create 'Swizzle' node 
       * X - Create 'Cross' product node
       * Period(.) - Create 'Dot' product node
       * B - Create 'Break to Components' node
       * K - Create 'Component Mask' node
       * V - Create 'Append' node

v1.4.4 dev 03:

  • New Sample:
   * Skybox - Cubemap Extended by Cristian Pop
  • New Shader Functions:
   * Step Antialiasing
   * Create Orthogonal Vector
  • Improvements:
   * Node graph is now a ScriptableObject to better deal with automatic serialization
   * Templates can now register and use local variables
       * Use /*ase_local_var*/ before the variable declaration over the template
       * Access the local variable through the new 'Template Local Var Data' node over the graph
   * Added new Normal Space option into 'Standard Surface Light' node
   * Optimized nodes port internal data usage
   * Node tooltip no longer shown online link for shader function nodes
   * Small optimizations to node previews
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed function registry on 'Custom Expression' node to correctly deal with dependencies
   * Fixed issue on linear textures over the texture creator tool
   * Fixed issue where the editor was being called on play mode but no window was present
   * Fixed issue on texture coordinates of different sizes being created with the same name

v1.4.4 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on templates where vertex normal was being declared as a float4 on vertex data
   * Fixed PS4 issue on billboards generated code
       * Updated Orientation Based Sprite sample to include fix
  • Improvements:
   * Changed texture array creator to support compressed formats 
   * Added custom inspector for texture arrays to allows previewing their contents on the inspector window
   * Added new Set Unique option into 'Custom Expression' node
       * If toggled off, generated internal function doesn't use unique id on its name

v1.4.4 dev 01:

  • Improvements:
   * Custom Pragmas, Includes and Defines are now also included on the Outline pass
   * Automatically removing crlf from copy-pasted code over the 'Custom Expression' node
   * Custom Render Type can now be specified on the Render Type dropdown over the Output node properties
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issues on 'Remainder' node

v1.4.3 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on excluding Add Pass independently of Debug port connection

v1.4.3 dev 04:

  • New Shader Function:
   * Radial UV Distortion
       * Sample with the same name was also added to demonstrate its usage
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed multiple issues related to Debug port usage on Output node
       * It now works as a custom lighting port instead of emission
   * Fixed issue on incorrectly opening standard materials into ASE
   * Fixed issue on duplicate local variable creation when using 'Parallax Mapping' node on shader functions

v1.4.3 dev 03:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Vertex Tangent' node internally outputting float4 data in templates instead of float3
   * Fixed shader function category typos
   * Fixed issue on ports accessing already destroyed nodes for previews
   * Fixed issue on precision type used in shader functions
  • Improvements:
   * Added ZWrite and ZTest options to 'Outline' node

v1.4.3 dev 02:

  • Improvements:
   * Shader tags can now be modified on templates based shaders
   * Added new Particle Additive option on Blend RGB and Blend Alpha dropdown
       * Sets Source to 'Source Alpha' and Destination to 'One'
   * Added new options to 'Shade Vertex Lights' node
       * Can now select amount of lights to take into account and if as spot or point light
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on incorrectly indented code generated by some nodes on template shaders

v1.4.3 dev 01:

  • New Samples:
   * Orientation Based Sprite
   * UI Sprite FX
  • New Shader Function:
   * Box Mask
   * UI-Sprite Effect Layer
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on attempting to deactivate destroyed nodes
  • Improvements:
   * Updated Sprite and UI templates to better support normal maps
   * Changed way logic is updated in some nodes to be more consistent and work inside shader functions

v1.4.2 dev 06:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed incorrect wire highlighting caused by 'Register Local Var' node
   * Fixed issue with 'Texture Sample' node not generating proper UVs in specific cases when using templates
   * Minor UI and refresh fixes to 'Function Switch' node
   * Fixed issue on incorrectly loading SimpleTerrain sample
   * Fixed issue on unnecessary loading when opening a changed shader or function
  • Improvements:
   * Added compatibility with Unity 2018
       * For now 'Substance Sample' node is unavailable on this version
       * Substance example is now inside a unity package to prevent sbsar importing error
   * Removed Substance and API update warnings on Unity 2017
   * Added new Vertex Position input port into 'Surface Depth' and 'Camera Depth Fade' nodes
       * Can now take custom vertex positions into account
   * Added some minor improvements into 'Register Local Var'/'Get Local Var' node usage
       * 'Register Local Var' node is now highlighted if one of its 'Get Local Var' nodes are selected
       * 'Register Local Var' node now lists and can focus each 'Get Local Var' which uses it
   * Added reference capabilities to 'Function Switch' 
       * One node can now control different paths of a shader function graph

v1.4.2 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed Undo issues with connections created/deleted by drag + Alt
   * Fixed issue on templates vertex local variables when using 'Vertex To Fragment' node
   * Fixed bug where 'Function Switch' node options were being incorrectly saved which caused a crash on load
   * Fixed shader 'Function Switch' node options not being correctly ordered all the time 
   * Fixed connection signal detection to make 'Function Switch' nodes know when to turn on

v1.4.2 dev 04:

  • New Node:
   * Function Switch
       * Node specific to shader functions which allows switching options at compile time on them
  • New Shader Function:
   * Flipbook
  • Improvements:
   * Changed switch type nodes port order to match 'Function Switch' and maintain consistency
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on duplicated functions when both outline and shadow caster passes are active
   * Fixed issue with calculating label size for nodes
   * Fixed UI issue when not being able to read depth info from template

v1.4.2 dev 03:

  • Improvements:
   * Added Depth module into templates
   * Minor improvement on Four Splats First Pass Terrain shader function
   * Minor improvement on TerrainSnowCoverage and SimpleTerrain samples
   * Added preview and access to internal data into 'HSV To RGB' and 'RGB To HSV' nodes
   * Added preview to 'If' node
   * Added new Normalize option into 'World Normal' and 'World Reflection' nodes
   * 'Outline' node now supports transparency and mask operations through the new Alpha Mode option
   * An additional depth pass can be added via the new Extra Depth Pass option on the Output Node properties
   * Property nodes can now register its properties/global variables without being connected to Output node
       * Done via the new Auto-Register option
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed minor issue on 'Rotate About Axis' node UI
   * Fixed issue with 'World Reflection' node on templates

v1.4.2 dev 02:

  • Improvements:
   * 'Toggle Switch' node can now share properties
   *  Added lock button to property name on property type nodes
       * Allows to customize the internal variable name used
   * Added support for 'View Dir' node on templates
   * Added preview position selection to shader functions to further customize function nodes
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue where custom shadows were ignoring vertex colors
   * Fixed issue on 'Fresnel' node using a non-normalized normal vector
   * Small fix on 'Static Switch' node getting and setting values from the material

v1.4.2 dev 01:

  • Improvements:
   * Lowered Shader Model target of Custom Lighting Toon example to be compatible with MacOs
   * Improved generated code for 'Grab Screen Color' and 'Grab Screen Position' nodes
   * Changed automatic generation of 'Grab Screen Color' node to make sure normalization is happening only once 
   * Added a toggle on 'Grab Screen Color' node which chooses if it normalizes/projects the input or not (default OFF)
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on generating default values for shader functions
   * Fixed issue on normal generation with the following nodes:
       * 'Fresnel'
       * 'Indirect Specular Light'
       * 'World Reflection'

v1.4.1 dev 02:

  • New Nodes:
   * Decode Depth Normal
   * Encode Depth Normal
  • Improvements:
   * Added internal data into shader functions 
       * If inputs are unconnected is now possible to change the default value from its node property panel
   * Property type nodes can now keep material value when not connected to an Output node
   * Tweaked 'Static Switch' node properties
   * Initial opened tab on property nodes depends on material mode
  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Custom Expression' node when using out variables in Call mode
   * Preventing 'Commentary' node from generating infinite loops when copy-pasted
   * Fixed issue with incorrect refresh call order on pasted nodes
   * Fixed issue on nodes are not being correctly nested into their parent 'Commentary' node when copy-pasted
   * Fixed issue on 'Toggle Switch' node not updating port names correctly after loading
   * Fixed focus issue on pickers with Mac

v1.4.1 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
   * Fixed issue on 'Texture Sampler' node getting incorrectly configured on load
       * When default texture type different from material texture type

v1.4.0 dev 06:

  • New Samples:
    • Simple Terrain
    • Terrain Snow Coverage
    • Custom Outline Toon
  • New Nodes:
    • Rotate About Axis
    • Outline
  • New Shader Functions:
    • Four Splats First Pass Terrain
  • Improvements:
    • Tweaked 'Scale And Offset' node behavior
    • Added Defines tab into Output node properties
    • Preventing possible compilation errors on Experimental .NET 4.6
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Sampler' node not previewing a connected 'Texture Object' node
    • Fixed issue on texture picker not working correctly on texture nodes
    • Fixed incorrect version reading Convert To Linear parameter at 'Screen Depth' and 'Depth Fade' node
    • Fixed issue on duplicate UV Set on 'Texture Sampler' node when connected to a 'Texture Object'
    • Fixed issue shader function inputs and outputs getting lost when re-focusing on them by double clicking the shader function node
    • Fixed issue on 'Custom Expression' node name editing on node body

v1.4.0 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on shadow caster for legacy samples:
      • Matcap
      • Parallax Mapping Iterations
      • Reflect Refract Soap Bubble
      • Screen Space Curvature
    • Fixed typo in 'Toggle Switch' node
    • Fixed issue on incorrectly accessing port through array id instead of unique id
    • Fixed issue on deprecated internal data not being correctly read into new 'Append' node
  • Improvements:
    • Up and Down arrow keys can now change the focus of the node element in the context palette search similar to the Tab key

v1.4.0 dev 04:

  • New Samples:
    • Animated UV Distortion
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on a shader function node crashing when its corresponding asset is not found
    • Fixed issue on applying Undo on Material Inspector not being caught by ASE canvas
    • Fixed issue on 'Float' node slider not being registered on Undo stack
    • Fixed issue on generating duplicate function names at 'Noise Generator' node
    • Fixed issue on returning to from a shader function to a main graph using with that shader function selected
  • Improvements:
    • Added new Variable Mode property into property nodes when their type are not Constant
      • Create Mode, this is the current option on which an uniform variable is always created when the node is analyzed
      • Fetch Mode, assumes that this variable is already declared elsewhere, p.e. an external lib and doesn't declare it
        • When Property Type is selected, the property declaration is still created
    • Added explicit call to both Thread and CultureInfo system classes to avoid conflicts with user classes without proper namespace
    • Shader function's input and output ports maintain correct connections after being internally re-ordered
    • Automatically adding spaces into camelcase'd shader function node titles

v1.4.0 dev 03:

  • Improvements:
    • Added validity check on Output and Input data types
    • Improved color code request for ports

v1.4.0 dev 02:

  • New Shader Functions:
    • Compute Filter Width
  • Improvements:
    • Explicitly calling System.Globalization on TextInfo usage to avoid compilation errors
    • Added custom pragmas for shader functions
    • Updated Vertex Normal Reconstruction sample
    • Added Reflection and Specular Highlight toggles into the Rendering Options group that mimic Unity's Standard
    • Added ToggleOff option to 'Static Switch' node which should now allow the creation of OFF toggles
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue of properties not being properly ordered if their material property group wasn't open
      • Blend modes now update properly even if group is collapsed

v1.4.0 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'World Space Light Pos', 'World Space Light Dir' and 'Object Space Light Dir' nodes
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Coordinates' node forcing a sampler to be picked even when none was selected
    • Fixed issue on 'Indirect Diffuse Light'node ignoring the tangent space normal completely
    • Small fix to shader functions so they can refresh their custom include list properly on change
  • Improvements:
    • Added node previews for 'Light Attenuation' and both Indirect Light nodes
    • Added explicit call to Unity Editor ShaderUtil on Material Inspector to prevent class issues
    • Added Dependencies List on the Output Node properties

v1.3.9 dev 03:

  • New Nodes:
    • 'Projector Matrix'
    • 'Projector Clip Matrix'
    • 'Texture Transform'
  • Improvements:
    • Properties can be re-ordered on Template shaders
    • Cull, Blend Mode, Blend Ops, Color Mask and Stencil Buffer data can be read and modified on Template shaders
    • Added new custom Time port into 'Flipbook UV Animation' node
    • Templates no longer need /*ase_pass*/ tag to be declared
    • Adding UnityEngine.Object redundancy on its usage to prevent issues with other plugins
    • Outline can now take fog into account
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on shader function headers being placed last on shader property list

v1.3.9 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Additional fix on custom colored categories

v1.3.9 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'Texture Coordinates' node not generating proper code for sizes bigger than float2
    • Fixed issue on reading old shaders data into new ASE versions
    • Fixed issue on custom colored categories
  • Improvements:
    • Updated various samples that were still compiled on older ASE versions
    • ASE window now loses text focus when losing its focus to prevent UI issues
    • Added proper Texcoord support in custom shadow caster
    • Added new toggle on 'Screen Depth' and 'Depth Fade' nodes to disable conversion from log to linear space
      • Important for Orthographic camera projections where Depth Buffer values are already stored in linear space

v1.3.8 dev 02/03:

  • Improvements:
    • Added new custom lighting port and migrated the emission connection to this port
      • Now custom lighting display both albedo and emission to be used in baking
    • 'Function Input' and 'Function Output' names can be edited through node body
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed indentation issue on some templates generated code
    • Fixed issue in texture property that would forget it's auto cast type on load
    • Fixed issue on 'Triplanar Sample' node being initialized with incorrect internal tiling value
    • Fixed issue on screen position for 'Dither' node
      • Now it changes the screen position interpolator globally to make it work on the shadow caster

v1.3.8 dev 01 ( the same as v1.3.7 dev 07 but bumped version for Asset Store release ):

  • Improvements:
    • Added Shader Function previews
    • Improved node list update on current focused window when renaming a shader function
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on tabs node list not being updated with shader function renaming
    • Fixed issue with opacity mask not working correctly in custom lighting mode

v1.3.7 dev 05/06:

  • New Shader Functions:
    • Half Lambert Term
    • Blinn-Phong Light
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with setting the proper canvas mode when load the shader or the editor window on hotcode reload
    • Fixed issue with shader function titles not supporting hyphen characters
    • Fixed issue on not refreshing shader function include files on load
    • Fixed issue on shader function tab name not being renamed when its file is renamed from the editor
    • Fixed 'Texture Sampler' node preview when in reference mode
    • Fixed stack overflow crash with pasting 'Commentary' nodes
  • Improvements:
    • Premultiplied options now multiply RGB values with Alpha when in custom lighting mode
    • Shader Functions are now loaded by guid and fallback to name search method if load fails
    • Added custom categories for shader functions
      • Recompiled existing shader functions to account for new categories
    • Improved 'Triplanar Sample' node texture array support
      • Now allows different index for each texture when doing triplanar in cylindrical mode
    • Area from picking inputs from connections now only take the port icon into account and only include the label when dropping the connection
    • Added preview for 'Static Switch' node

v1.3.7 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixes issue on Shader Function includes

v1.3.7 dev 03:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on custom lighting nodes not compiling correctly when inside a shader function
    • Fixed dithermask being declared when not in use
    • Fixed texture array support with 'Triplanar Sample' node generating index code inside the function instead of outside of it
    • Fixed issue with 'Append' node preview
  • Improvements:
    • Replacing '\' with '/' instead of removing it when writing Additional Include path names
    • Added Additional Include list into shader functions

v1.3.7 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'Texture Coordinates' node not generating local variables correctly
    • Fixed issue with Refraction port not correctly working with Tessellation
    • Fixed issue on applying vertex offset in certain Templates
    • Fixed cast and per channel operation issues on remaining blends on 'Blend Ops' node
    • Fixed issue on Soft Light Blend Op on 'Blend Ops' node
    • Fixed issue of Shader Function nodes not propagating data when generating code
    • Fixed focus issues when adding new items on Additional Includes, Pragmas, Sub-Shaders Tags and 'Custom Expression' node tools

v1.3.7 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed 'Fmod' node issue with Int type connections
    • Small fix to the path button in the new Texture Array Creator tool
  • Improvements:
    • Adding fallback when searching template by guid fails

v1.3.6 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed error when setting previews for texture related nodes
  • Improvements:
    • Improved cubemap support into texture related nodes
    • Removing Texture 0-3 and Scale Matrix options from 'Common Transform Matrices' node
    • Major rewrite for 'Triplanar Sample' node to make it easy to extend on the future
      • Small performance increase to 'Triplanar Sample' node
  • Deprecated nodes:
    • 'Texture 0 Matrix'
    • 'Texture 1 Matrix'
    • 'Texture 2 Matrix'
    • 'Texture 3 Matrix'
    • 'Scale Matrix'

v1.3.5 dev 02:

  • New Tool:
    • Added Texture Array Creator tool
      • Available at Window > Amplify Shader Editor > Texture Array Creator
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Undo not being able to recover some nodes
  • Improvements:
    • Changed Custom Material Inspector to be able to set and show custom meshes in it's Preview
    • Template Data nodes now expand individual channels if data selected is from vector/color type
    • Expanded individual channels ports on:
      • 'Object Space Light Dir'
      • 'World Space Light Dir'
      • 'World Space Camera Pos'
      • 'Position From Transform'
      • 'Vector From Matrix'

v1.3.5 dev 01:

  • New Shader Functions:
    • Blinn-Phong Half Vector
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on 'Toggle Switch' node not being correctly registered when created

v1.3.4 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on text fields in nodes picking up values from other text fields in the editor
    • Fixed cast issue on 'Flipbook UV Animation' node
    • Fixed issue on creating sampler wire nodes
    • Small fix for resize buttons of 'Comment' nodes
    • Small fix to focus and select search text in the context menu not happening in specific situations
    • Fixed issue with 'Object To View Pos' local variable
    • Fixed 'Triplanar Sample' node normal mode signs in certain situations
    • Fixed issue on adding the same grab pass declaration multiple times
    • Fixed issue on incorrectly getting separate channels from transform nodes after local variables are created
    • Fixed issue on duplicate uniforms with some templates
    • Fixed issue where shader function properties were resetting after every save
  • Improvements:
    • Locking blend type nodes from sampler and matrix type connections
    • Expanded 'Object To View Pos' vector output vector into individual ports
    • Changed 'Triplanar Sample' node base UV direction to match unity terrain
    • Expanded vector ports for 'Object Space View Dir' and 'World Space View Dir'
    • 'Lerp' node now converts int types in the alpha input port to float types to prevent errors

v1.3.4 dev 01

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with Opacity Mask port incorrect type
    • Fixed issue with incorrectly saving/loading multilines state in editor prefs
    • Fixed issue on not being able to create relays on texture type connections

v1.3.3 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed multiple issues with 'Append' node behavior
    • Fixed null pointer exception when Shift + Tabbing helper window
    • Fixed duplication error on UV generation code
  • Improvements:
    • Added Alpha To Coverage option ( tied to Opacity port being active )
    • Opacity Mask now only generates code if connected
    • Blend ops defaults are now OFF instead of ADD
    • Blend ops now pick the respective refined options when a specific blend mode is selected to make it easy to switch between them and the custom option ( opaque doesn't change anything )

v1.3.2 dev 04/05:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Asset Post Processor issue with Templates renaming
    • Fixed middle clicking on reference preview focusing on referenced node
    • Fixed graphic glitch on 'Static Switch' node button
    • Fixed issue with copy/pasting nodes taking incorrect property names
    • Fixed issue on 'Toggle Switch' incorrectly being read from older ASE versions
    • Minor fix on 'Object To Clip Pos' node
    • Fixed Undo issue with pasted property nodes
    • Fixed issue with duplicate local variables on templates when having multiple ports from the same category
  • Improvements:
    • Minor visual tweak on 'Standard Surface Light' node
    • Removed dependencies on custom shader inspector over the main ASE window so it can be removed by users
    • Setting first vector port automatically invisible ( if unconnected ) on nodes representing Unity built-in parameters ( since they are never used as vectors )
    • Improved custom template reader behavior
    • Minor improvement on Undo node paste behavior
    • Added Stencil Buffer Back and Front face options ( only visible when Culling is Off )
    • Changed input ports number of connections and data type visualization to represent the data being transferred in each cast
    • Improved crooked lines when nodes are too close to each other
    • Added custom single line texture properties for when the texture is marked to not have scale and offset properties

v1.3.2 dev 03:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'Texture Sampler' node not taking procedural textures correctly into account
    • Matrices can no longer be connected into 'Vertex To Fragment' nodes input port
    • Fixed reordering issues with shader functions when these were updated
    • Fixed rare compile issue where shader function headers were created but no property was present
    • Fixed issue where view direction vector shader code was being generated with different precision types
    • Fixed issue with Matrix nodes being able to choose its type as Property and add Attributes
    • Fixed issue with Matrix nodes initial value not corresponding to internal draw data
    • Fixed issue with Matrix3x3 not working correctly when its type was set as Global
    • Fixed issue on function nodes generating local variables for Sampler data type variables
  • Improvements:
    • Activating internal data for tessellation nodes
    • Minor tweak on vertex position data across all templates
    • Preventing 'DDX' and 'DDY' nodes to generate code when in vertex function
    • Removed Sampler data types as valid 'Custom Expression' output valid type

v1.3.2 dev 02:

  • New Shader Functions:
    • 'Bidirectional Parallax Mapping'
      • Mimics iterative Parallax Mapping with reference plane
    • 'Reconstruct World Position From Depth'
  • New Samples:
    • Added new Vertex Normal Reconstruction sample
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with shader function nodes generating the same code multiple times
    • Fixed issue with function input generating duplicated code
    • Fixed issue with 'Texture Coordinates' node generating code in the vertex function when used inside a shader function
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Coordinates' node in templates not respecting the size of the Coord Size option
    • Fixed issue on matrix multiplication via the 'Multiply' node not taking correct output type into account
    • Minor fix on Search Bar positioning
    • Recompiled Triplanar sample to be PS4 compatible
    • Recompiled Translucency sample to be PS4 compatible
    • Recompiled Hologram sample to be PS4 compatible
    • Fixed compilation issue with Billboard generated code in PS4
    • Fixed hot code reload issue with 'Template Parameter', 'Template Vertex Data' and 'Template Fragment Data'
    • Fixed issue on 'Fresnel' node not read/writing new normal space option
    • Fixed issue on 'Screen Position' node when used on Templates
  • Improvements:
    • Functions inputs now allow the use of node default graph trees supporting complex default operations
    • Particle Alpha Blend template now uses a float4 on its TEXCOORD0 semantic both for vertex and interpolator data
    • Added pragma tag into Default Sprites template
    • Added port failsafe config into 'Texture Sample' node after reading all its internal data
    • Making vector port invisible in Unity Parameters type nodes if not being used
    • 'Component Mask' node only creates local variables if needed
    • Multi-wire colored connections now active by default
    • 'Fresnel' node now have Normal Space option set to Tangent by default
    • Shader functions now display their description on its Inspector window
    • Fixed 'Grab Screen Position' and 'Grab Screen Color' nodes for VR and updated the respective samples accordingly

v1.3.2 dev 01:

  • New nodes:
    • 'Camera To World Matrix'
    • 'World To Camera Matrix'
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issues with 'Toggle Switch' node
      • It now properly creates a toggle property and lets user change material in the editor
    • Fixed issue on vertex local variables not being registered correctly on custom lighting
    • Precision selection on 'Grab Screen Color' node is no longer locked when Custom Grab pass is disabled
    • Fixed issue with 'Depth Fade' node on OpenGL platforms
    • Normalized screen position code now works properly in all platforms
    • Fixed issue with 'Texture Array' node preview
    • Fixed issue with 'Vertex To Fragment' node generating duplicated code
  • Improvements:
    • Added toggle button into 'Static Switch' node
    • Improved wire auto-connection to node when its created from the context palette when dragging a wire
    • Auto screen UVs from 'Grab Screen Color' node now also take Unity Single Pass Stereo into account
    • Improved code generation on screen position related nodes
    • Activating internal port data into 'Toggle Switch' node
    • Updated Simple Blur and Simple noise examples to be fully android compatible
    • Tweaked 'Desaturate' node to prevent issues with PS4
    • Tweaked 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node to prevent issues with PS4

v1.3.1 dev 11:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed incorrect UV variable name on Post-Process template
    • Fixed Perforce integration again
    • Fixed preview on 'Fresnel' node for the new tangent mode
    • Fixed issue with 'Screen Position' subtitle
    • Fixed issue with 'Vertex to Fragment' node on templates
  • Improvements:
    • Added two additional nodes to templates,'Template Vertex Data' and 'Template Fragment Data'
      • These nodes allow direct access to vertex and interpolated fragment data from the template
    • Adding vertex code entry tag into Post-Process template
    • Improved fail-safe behavior on attempt to write vertex code on template with no vertex tag declared
    • Minor tweaks on some nodes port names and order
    • 'Dither' node now has a input port that allows the use of a custom dither pattern
    • 'Vertex to Fragment' node no longer generates unnecessary code and now acts as a relay if connected to a vertex path

v1.3.1 dev 10:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed cast issues on 'Smoothstep' node

v1.3.1 dev 09:

  • Fixes:
    • Multiple fixes on custom shadow caster
    • Fixed issue on Templates Manager being incorrectly destroyed in some situations
    • Fixed issue on Template data not being correctly synced when user changes its source code and returns to ASE
    • Fixed issue where referenced 'Texture Sampler' nodes was not respecting the original property order
    • Fixed issue on 'Grab Screen Color' node not using Unity default grab pass when selected to use it
    • Fixed small issues on multiple examples
  • Improvements:
    • Added tangent space normals to 'Fresnel' node and removed the internal normal value from its properties

v1.3.1 dev 08:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on 'Simple Contrast' node
    • Fixed boundaries issues on 'Dither' node
  • Improvements:
    • Minor tweak on 'Smoothstep' ports order
    • Added new Color and Intensity ports into 'Light Color' node
    • Minor overall optimizations on node previews
    • Added preview for 'Substance Sample' node
    • Added preview for 'Blend Operations'
    • Added input port for automatic texture dithering into 'Dither' node

v1.3.1 dev 07:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on 'Simple Contrast' node ignoring Value internal data
    • Fixed issue on nodes preview data not being written when its internal data is read from shader
    • Fixed 'Texture Sampler' node to output a Color instead of Vector type
    • Fixed 'Swizzle' node not detecting changes on its input ports
    • Fixed issue on allowing invalid characters when typing a custom keyword on the 'Static Switch' node
  • Improvements:
    • Improved code generated by 'If' node and hides unused internal data
    • Improved 'Rotator' node behavior
    • Improved 'Panner' node behavior
    • Added checkout for version control systems that need it to edit files like perforce.
    • Changed labels and port order for various nodes in the Image Effects category to improve consistency

v1.3.1 dev 06:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on template output node attempting to access template data before its initialization is complete
    • Fixed issue with validate/execute commands like duplicate on Mac
    • Fixed issue on not updating correctly mouse position when doing multiple pastes/duplicates
    • Fixed disappearing titles when selecting 'Register Local Var' nodes being used by 'Get Local Var' nodes located outside the visible graph area
    • 'Toggle Switch' node now properly casts its main port type for both input ports

v1.3.1 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
    • 'Indirect Specular Light' and 'Indirect Diffuse Light' now compile properly in vertex functions but provide dynamic baking results only
    • Changed mask clip variable name to be compatible with internal unity functions
    • Fixed issue with texture arrays derivatives not being declared in 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' nodes
    • Fixed 'Texture Sample' node not changing cast mode automatically when in reference mode
    • 'Lerp' node now works as the hlsl/cg specification and allows for component based interpolation
    • Fixed issue on template native properties getting lost when hot code reloading
  • Improvements:
    • 'Get Local Var' nodes now get highlighted in green when their referenced 'Register Local Var' node are selected
      • It should be now easier to spot how many and which nodes use a determined Register node, we intend to expand this idea to other similar cases
    • 'Static Switch' now allows to use define symbols and material toggle is now optional
    • 'Keyword Switch' is now deprecated (opening the shader in newer versions should replace it by 'Static Switch')
    • 'Static Switch' and 'Grab Screen Color' nodes now show their node name in title but still allows to edit their variable by double clicking
    • Reorganized toolbar buttons for consistency
    • Showing internal value name at the node properties window when selecting a property on the 'Template Parameter' node

v1.3.1 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'Static Switch' node duplicatnig code
    • 'Static Switch' node now properly allows the use of the same keyword
    • Fixed issue with Int ports generating black previews
    • Fixed issue where 'Custom Standard Lighting' node was generating garbage code when connected multiple times
    • Fixed dynamic baked lightmapping for 'Indirect Diffuse Light' node
    • Default fallback is now only added if shader doesn't use it's own
  • Improvements:
    • Changed 'Template Parameter' node to mimic the same look from the equivalent property nodes
    • Changed some labels and warning texts to be more clear on what's going on for texture objects
    • Int port color now uses the same color as float nodes
    • Added ASE custom inspector to the default templates
    • Added support for Texture Arrays with 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node

v1.3.1 dev 03:

  • New Features:
    • Added custom pragmas support to the main property panel
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with texture arrays when in reference mode creating multiple properties
    • Fixed issue of 'Vertex To Frag' node not generating code in certain situations
    • Fixed issue with 'World Reflection' node not generating code correctly in vertex functions
    • Fixed issue of custom shadow caster not using the correct shader model
    • Fixed issue with dynamic port nodes not updating correctly in some occasions
    • Fixed issue of some nodes not properly using the selected precision type
    • Matrix 3x3 port types now display properly in the node property panel and compile correctly
  • Improvements:
    • 'World Position' node now forces float precision
    • Some more changes for the nodes subtitles for consistency
    • Minor performance and GC improvements

v1.3.1 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'World Normal' node not generating it's components values properly in some occasions
    • Fixed issue with some parameters foldouts not displaying correctly and added a new context message for empty foldouts
  • Improvements:
    • Changed some subtitles prefixes to be more consistent about what they represent
    • Changed dropdown icon to a less confusing and more intuitive one
    • More editor performance improvements and reduction of GC in various places

v1.3.1 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on copy-pasting custom lighting nodes
    • Fixed issue on null pointer reference on preview material when hitting play mode
  • Improvements:
    • Added upper left widgets into several nodes to change important properties directly on node body
    • Added secondary title into several nodes to show its current state directly from node body

v1.3.0 dev 03:

  • Improvements:
    • Completely refactored and changed the graph and node rendering to use a semi-MVC model
      • Improves the overall performance in several orders of magnitude
    • Various small visual fixes and improvements
    • Various changes to prevent most memory allocations heavily reducing GC
    • Changed zoom and auto-pan to a smooth version and fixed its auto-boundaries
      • This should make the editor feel more snappy and responsive
    • New object pickers for 'Substance Sampler' and 'Triplanar Sampler'
    • New outline for selected Wire nodes
      • Now is easier to see in all situations
    • Various previews were added,improved or fixed
      • 'Texture Sampler' nodes now properly display default values
    • Tweaked Input Type labels on 'Custom Expression' nodes to match shader variable type names
    • Custom Lighting nodes now show internal data and have additional Normal options
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed 'Texture Array' node issue when referencing an un-connected node
    • Fixed UI issue on 'Custom Expression' qualifiers
    • Fixed issue on shader name being overwritten when changing template
    • Fixed issue on copy/cut/paste not being correctly caught by nodes search bar

v1.3.0 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with Output Node Opacity Mask port not working with Custom Lighting
    • Fixed errors with some nodes inside shader function
  • Improvements:
    • Improved internal file reader to be more robust in case of trying to load in-existent files
    • Templates Manager can now also be initialized by its post processor in case of an ASE window is not open
    • 'Blend Operations' node show current selected Blend Op on node body
    • Locked Custom Light nodes from being used on Templates

v1.3.0 dev 01:

  • New Features:
    • Templates
      • Create new shaders from already existing ones which serves as base/templates
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on ports internal data not showing on 'Append' node
    • Fixed infinite loop on 'Texture Coordinates' and 'Texel Size' nodes

v1.2.1 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issues with previews on 'Multiply' node
    • Fixed incorrect tooltip on 'Face' node
    • Fixed issue on 'Standard Surface Light' node where GI wasn't correctly picking normals
    • Fixed 'Texture Sampler' node not correctly generating code when connected to relays or shader functions
    • Fixed issue on 'Texel Size' and 'Texture Coordinate' nodes when referencing nodes not connected to Master Node
  • Improvements:
    • 'Grab Screen Color' node now uses Unity default grab texture and allows overriding it like it's previous behavior

v1.2.1 dev 01:

  • Improvements:
    • Major refactor on all nodes categories and colors to improve consistency
    • Added subtitle to 'Swizzle' and 'Component Mask' nodes to reflect their options
    • Added configurable background color for 'Commentary' nodes
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with lightmaps when using the 'Standard Surface Light' node on Custom Lighting Light Model
    • Fixed issue on overwriting default texture values on 'Texture Sample' node when loading values from material

v1.2.0 dev 02:

  • Improvements:
    • Adding Call Mode into 'Custom Expression' node
      • On this mode all code written into the Code area will be directly injected into the shader code without being assigned to a local variable
      • The result written on the output port will be what is directly connected to the first input port ( named In ) which is not taken into account by the code expression. The In/Out pair will act as a simple relay.

v1.2.0 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on generating UI exception when sometimes iterating between Search Node Bar results
    • Fixed issue on Output node size increasing infinitely with shader name
    • Fixed issue on incorrect serialization on 'Texture Sampler' node
  • Improvements:
    • Texture Object type nodes no longer auto-set the 'Texture Sampler' Normal Map option
      • Normal Map option was renamed to Unpack Normal Map
      • A warning is shown if a Texture Object marked as normal map is connected to a 'Texture Sampler' node with the Unpack Normal Map options turned off

v1.1.0 dev 13:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with reading incorrect legacy port info into 'Lerp' node
    • Fixed issue on cycling through deleted nodes when using the Nodes Search Bar
    • Fixed issue with incorrectly moving nodes nested into multiple 'Commentary' nodes
    • Fixed issue on Undo not registering internal node movement on 'Commentary' nodes
    • Fixed issue when using 'Virtual Texture Object' node on Vertex ports
    • Fixed issue with incorrectly moving selected nodes while resizing side menus
  • Improvements:
    • 'Simple Contrast' node now always store its result on a local variable
    • Greatly improved 'Commentary' node:
      • You now can use box selection inside the node body
      • You now can create Wire nodes by double clicking on a wire inside the node body
      • You now select and drag the node via its header or by pressing anywhere on the node body having the Alt key down
      • You now need to double click the node header to be able to modify its comment directly from there

v1.1.0 dev 12:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with creating legacy code for LOD Cross Fade on Unity v.2017 and above
    • Fixed issue on 'Lerp' node not adjusting correctly when disconnecting input ports
    • Fixing issue with node drag with snap
      • Now done by having both Ctrl+Shift pressed
  • Improvements:
    • 'Blend Operations' node now automatically adapts to input ports
    • Improving Search Bar focus behavior

v1.1.0 dev 11:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed incorrect behavior on creating connections through Alt + Shift
    • Fixed out of bounds exception caused by removing ports on shader functions
    • Fixed issue with 'Triplanar Sampler' node not deleting correctly in some occasions
    • Fixed ordering issues with Stencil Buffer example
  • Improvements:
    • Overall improvements on nodes descriptions

v1.1.0 dev 10:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed new Billboard Ignore Rotation option incorrectly ignoring game object translation

v1.1.0 dev 09:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with deprecated nodes warning message throwing an exception on recent Unity versions
    • Fixed 'Texel Size' node issues on Shader Functions

v1.1.0 dev 08:

  • New Features:
    • New 'Keyword Switch' node
  • Improvements:
    • Improved 'Lerp' and 'Clamp' nodes behavior
    • Added new improved dynamic 'Append' node which adapts to inputs and deprecated the old one
    • Billboards can now ignore object original rotation via its new Ignore Rotation toggle
    • New Soft Light option was added to 'Blend Operations' node

v1.1.0 dev 07:

  • New Features:
    • Added support for Custom Subshader Tags on Output Node properties
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with having 'Custom Expression' nodes with similar port names
  • Improvements
    • Small improvements on canvas zoom behavior

v1.1.0 dev 06:

  • New Features:
    • Added new nodes:
      • 'World Transform Params'
      • 'Vertex Bitangent'
      • 'Vertex Tangent Sign'
  • Improvements:
    • Able to specify an HDR color on 'Color' node if the HDR attribute is set
    • Added previews to nodes:
      • Time
      • Object Scale
    • Improved how vertex data is being generated to prevent future issues
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed incorrect order of instruction write on 'Texture Coordinates' node

v1.1.0 dev 05:

  • New Features:
    • New 'Standard Surface Light' node ( exclusive to Custom Lighting Light Model )
  • New Samples:
    • Double Layer Custom Surface
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with pasting nodes not refreshing external references from original ones
    • Fixed issue with generating helper local variable ids on several nodes which may lead to issues on shader functions
    • Fixed issue on 'Depth Fade' node
    • Fixed issue with not registering sampler dummies correctly when using 'Texture Coordinates' node with Tessellation
    • Fixed issue on multi-tabs with breaking all tabs except the focused one when dragging wires
  • Improvements:
    • Added previews to nodes:
      • 'World Space Camera Pos'
      • 'Object Space Light Dir'
      • 'World Space Light Dir'
      • 'Light Color'
      • 'Object To World'
      • 'World To Object'

v1.1.0 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Coordinates' node generating wrong dummies on UV Sets different than 1
    • Fixed issue on 'Register Local Var' node usage with shader functions
  • Improvements:
    • Setting Enable Instancing option default value to false
    • Adding Exact Conversion option into 'Gamma To Linear' and 'Linear To Gamma' nodes for more accurate results

v1.1.0 dev 03:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on 'Pi' node
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Coordinates' node not generating unique names when used on vertex body
    • Fixed issue with incorrectly counting amount of 'Virtual Texture Object' nodes on graphs
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Array' drawers
    • Fixed issue on 'Remap' node preview preventing division by zero
  • Improvements:
    • 'Texture Array' node:
      • Now work with shader functions
      • Added derivative option to 'Texture Array' node
      • Minor tweak on tooltip text
  • New Features:
    • New Community Node 'GlobalArray' submitted by Vincent van Brummen and created by Johann van Berkel
    • Added new Enable Instancing toggle into Rendering Options to be able to activate instancing without having to use Property nodes

v1.1.0 dev 02:

  • Improvements:
    • 'Vertex TexCoord' and 'Swizzle' node types can be selected from node body
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'Grab Screen Color', 'Get Local Var' and 'Texture Sample' nodes loosing references inside Shader Functions
    • Fixed issue on not correctly registering all Grab Passes from multiple 'Grab Screen Color' nodes
    • Fixed small issue on 'Commentary' node not being able to focus on comment text field when created

v1.1.0 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with being able to open recently created shader multiple times
  • Improvements:
    • Added preview for 'Screen Position' node
    • 'Append' output type can be selected from node body
    • Small overall optimizations

v1.0.0 dev 12:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed wrong casting issues on dynamic type nodes
    • Fixed lost reference when deleting 'Grab Screen Color' node

v1.0.0 dev 11:

  • New Features:
    • Additional includes (.cginc) can now be used into an ASE shader via the Additional Includes sections on the Output node
      • Their contents can be accessed via the 'Custom Expression' node
    • Added Node Search bar to quickly find nodes on the canvas
      • Ctrl + F: Shows Search Bar
      • Enter/Return/F3: Goes to next occurrence
      • Shift + (Enter/Return/F3): Goes to previous occurrence
      • Escape: Hides Search Bar
  • New samples:
    • UV Light Reveal
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on creating unnecessary casts from floats
    • Fixed minor issue on GPU Instancing sample
    • Fixed minor UI issues on 'Reflect' and 'Refract' nodes
    • Fixing shader paths for Community Shaders
    • Fixed issue on incorrect cast when using Floats and Ints in certain nodes
    • Fixed issue on resetting in certain situations vertex local variables generated during Output Node fragment code generation
    • Fixed issue on property name update in 'Grab Screen Color' node
  • Improvements:
    • Improved nodes local variables reset behavior to prevent future issues
    • Added previews to 'Gamma To Linear' and 'Linear To Gamma' nodes
    • Forcing 'Dot' and 'Normalize' nodes to store results in local value and prevent with power operations

v1.0.0 dev 10:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with temporary variable assignment Id on 'Texture Coordinates' node

v1.0.0 dev 09:

  • New Features:
    • New 'Static Switch' node which allows creation of shader variants
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed minor issue on reading inputs from dynamic 'Add' and 'Multiply' nodes on older shader versions
    • Fixed issue on Parent Graph attempting to delete in-existent connections
    • Fixed issue with always disabling Light Maps when using Tessellation
    • Fixed issue with Texture Nodes reference drop down selector showing incorrect labels both on 'Texture Sampler' and 'Texture Coordinates' nodes
    • Fixed issues on incorrect loosing references with 'Texture Sampler' node on Reference mode
  • Improvements:
    • Improved 'Append' node connection management
    • Added Local Var selector directly on 'Get Local Var' node body

v1.0.0 dev 08:

  • New Features:
    • New Output node Rendering Options
      • Disable Batching
      • Ignore Projector
      • Force No Shadow Casting
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with new dynamic 'Add' and 'Multiply' nodes not registering port creation/destruction into Undo system
    • Fixed issue on 'Grab Screen Color' node duplicating code
    • Fixed issue with Opacity Mask port being incorrectly Enabled/Disabled on certain situations
    • Fixed issue on 'Get Local Var' nodes getting wrong ids on certain situations when a 'Register Local Var' node is deleted
    • Small fix to force property name update when changing type on property nodes
    • Fixed issue where 'View Dir' node was generating code in the wrong space when in vertex function for both world space and tangent space

v1.0.0 dev 07:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed name conflict on 'Custom Expression' node
    • Fixed issue for both normal input in indirect lighting nodes that were asking from normal in world space instead of tangent space

v1.0.0 dev 06:

  • New Features:
    • Added LOD Cross Fade support for LOD groups ( located in the Output node Rendering Options tab )
  • Improvements:
    • 'Add' and 'Multiply' nodes can have more than 2 input ports ( max 10 )
    • Minor improvements on several nodes
    • Refraction port use Unity's grabpass by default so it can pick other refraction materials
    • Avoiding possible compiler misunderstandings with System.Type calls
    • Ensuring variables/functions created by custom expressions have unique names
    • Auto enabling instance mode on material ( if on Unity 5.6 or above ) when detecting instance mode on ASE shader
    • Improved zoom behavior
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue when remapping ports from very old shaders
    • Fixed swizzle issue on 'Vertex Position' node
    • Fixed matrix 'Invert' node
    • Fixed SimpleGPUInstancing sample not fully batching on Unity 5.6
    • Fixed opening a SF in more than one tab after creation
    • Fixed header click to edit name when zoomed out
    • Fixed both Commentary node side menus resize not following the mouse movement correctly
  • New Shader Functions: ( AmplifyShaderEditor/Examples/Assets/ShaderFunctions )
    • Simple HUE
    • SphereMask

v1.0.0 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with conditional 'If' node
    • Fixed issue with 'Vertex Position' node swizzle in Local Vertex Ports
  • Improvements:
    • Caching instanced property nodes into local variables to prevent multiple UNITY_ACCESS_INSTANCED_PROP() on them
    • Added support for samplers types into 'Custom Expression' node

v1.0.0 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed node drag and drop issue from palette
    • Fixed issue with online reference button having a "too-large" click box
    • Palette Menus now display the correct cursor on mouse hover
    • Fixed clicking Enter on palette without selecting a node
    • Changing lighting models should now show the error messages correctly
    • Fixed issue of Custom Light nodes not loading properly
  • Improvements:
    • Added Per Renderer Data tag to Properties available Attributes
    • Adding help box into 'Virtual Texture Object' with additional info

v1.0.0 dev 03:

  • New Features:
    • Custom Lighting
      • New Nodes: ( can only be used on this light model )
        • Indirect Diffuse Light
        • Indirect Specular Light
        • Light Attenuation
  • New Samples:
    • Custom Lighting Toon
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue when zooming with Alt + Right Mouse button
    • Fixed issue with window not detecting graph type on Unity load
    • Fixed issue on 'Debug Switch' node not loading properly
    • Fixed issue on assigning invalid cultures when an error/exception occurred inside ASE
  • Improvements:
    • Context Palettes now allow Tab / Shift Tab to select between nodes instead of mouse selection (confirms with Return/Enter key)
    • Added previews for 'Debug Switch' and 'Toggle Switch' nodes
    • Added link to node documentation on its tooltip
    • Small optimization on all nodes overall
    • Preventing ASE to crash if some faulty class/dll is present on the project

v1.0.0 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Preventing shadow caster error on using 'Vertex TexCoord' with 'Vertex Normal'

v1.0.0 dev 01:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on not recognizing Tessellation port correctly when at Lambert or BlinnPhong light models
    • Fixed issue on dragging nodes via Alt mode not respecting ports unique ids when creating connections
    • Fixed minor typo on 'Switch by Face' node
    • Fixed minor issue when loading LoadPolyWater example

v0.7.2 dev 08:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue generating input ports instructions on 'Custom Expression' node

v0.7.2 dev 07:

  • New Features:
    • Added support for multiple ASE windows opened simultaneously
  • New Samples:
    • Animated Fire with Shader Functions
  • Improvements:
    • Forcing InvariantCulture on ASE execution cycle to prevent issues with number parsing
    • 'Texture Sampler' node no longer shows it's sampler properties when a 'Texture Object' node is connected to it
    • Improved redundancy awareness on 'Virtual Texture Object' and 'Texture Sampler' nodes
    • Improved 'Virtual Texture Object' tooltip
    • Removed Return button from Shader Functions since it is now useless with new multi-tab behavior
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on changing Normal map option in 'Texture Sampler' node not changing its output type
    • Changed 'Virtual Texture Object' node channel name to 'Layer' and fixed its default value not showing up correctly
    • Virtual textures now generate properties with their correct name (requires user changes to the virtual texture itself)
    • Fixed issue that break compiling when a missing shader function was present
    • Forcing internal data update for shader function Output nodes to prevent errors when they are disconnected
    • Fixed small issue with shader function nodes being stuck on selection when double clicking on them

v0.7.2 dev 06:

  • New Features:
    • Added 'HSV To RGB' and 'RGB To HSV' nodes
  • Improvements:
    • 'Custom Expression' node with a return instruction on its Code text area generates a function with the code contents thus enabling multiple instructions lines on its body
      • Added small info text on node properties to explain its behavior
      • Added new name field ( can also be edited directly on node by double clicking on it ) which is used to name the generated function/ local variable
    • Small refactoring on some classes for consistency and warning removal from Visual Studio
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on some changes not being correctly caught on setting Blend Render Type
    • Fixed issue with Unlit Light model doubling the value set on the Emission output port
    • Small fix on title updates when using Shader Functions
    • Removed warning from unused legacy source code on 'Register Local Var' and 'Get Local Var' nodes
    • Fixed issues on incorrect casts on 'Texture Sampler' node
    • Fixed issues on incorrectly snapping wires into hidden ports

v0.7.2 dev 05:

  • Improvements:
    • Changed tool tip display to trigger when mouse is on top of the node ( now displays below the node)
    • Shader Functions
      • Added default values for input node in SF (these are used when there's no connection)
      • Added port restrictions to dynamic node types
      • Changed way input node work with restrictions when changing type to prevent invalid connections
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed minor typo on 'Rotator' node

v0.7.2 dev 04:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed multiple issues on save behavior when changing modes
    • Fixed issue with shader functions not assigning the main node correctly
    • Fixed issue on Project Window Change callback
    • Fixed graph count increasing on shader switch
    • Fixed version numbering in function nodes
    • Fixed nested SF issue with inputs

v0.7.2 dev 03:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with 'Vertex TexCoord' not writing properties correctly into shader meta

v0.7.2 dev 02:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed cast and port activation issues on Blend Nodes
    • Fixed various issues with SF:
      • Saving no longer deselects
      • Reordering is now working properly
      • Autocast now has port restrictions into account and deletes with warning when possible
      • Sampler types no longer duplicate
  • Improvements:
    • Texture Objects node family can now be set as Globals

v0.7.2 dev 01:

  • New Features:
    • Added Shader Functions
    • Added new 'Object Scale' node
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed multiple issues with Copy/Paste
    • Fixed issues with nodes on Vertex Function
      • 'Fresnel'
      • 'Posterize'
      • 'Heightmap Texture Blend'
      • 'Unpack Scale Normal'
    • Fixed issue with incorrect data read from 'Texture Coordinates' nodes on versions bellow 0.5.0 dev 003
    • Fixed issue on inverted Receive Shadows toggle
  • Improvements:
    • Can Copy/Paste between different Shaders and Shader Functions
    • Shader properties created by Refraction, Translucency, Mask Value and Tessellation now appear on the Output node Material Properties list and can be reordered
    • Preventing UndoParentNode to generate DefaultValue conflicts caused by other plugins
    • Removed warnings generated on some situations by the 'Screen Position' node
  • New Samples:
    • LowPolyWater by The Four Headed Cat
    • ForceShield by The Four Headed Cat

v0.7.1 dev 02:

  • Improvements:
    • Improved 'Texture Coordinates' node and added new Tex input port into it
    • Improved local variable usage on several node generated code to improve overall shader instruction count
    • 'Vertex Position' node now has new Size property
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issues on 'Vertex to Fragment' node
    • Fixed issue on loading an ASE shader with its window already opened but tabbed and not visible during play mode
    • Fixed multiple issues with 'Grab Screen Position' node usage on Vertex function
    • Fixed issue with Forward Shadows not being correctly written when Custom Shadow Caster was active
    • Fixed issues with Blend nodes usage on Vertex function
    • Fixed issues with 'Dithering' node usage on vertex function and when Tessellation is active
    • Fixed issues with 'Screen Depth' node usage on vertex function and when Tessellation is active
    • Dithering sample now works while Tessellation is active

v0.7.1 dev 01:

  • New Features:
    • Alt + Node Drag to Auto-(dis)connect node on existing wire connection
  • Improvements:
    • Added new Tex Input Port into 'Texel Size' node
    • Optimized nodes list usage on palettes (API)
    • Improved retro-compatibility handling with adding new ports on already existing nodes (API)
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on horizontal scroll bar not appearing on Helper Window

v0.7.0 dev 03:

  • New Features:
    • Added 'Face' node
    • Added 'Switch by Face' node
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on not setting shader version on graph when creating a new empty one which lead to copy/paste issues
    • Fixed wrong port type assignment and incorrect conditional operator usage on community 'Compare ...' nodes
    • Fixed issue with creating a material from a shader already with properties in Unity 5.6
    • Fixed multiple UI issues on Retina MacBook
  • New Samples:
    • Highlight Animated by The Four Headed Cat
    • 2 Sided by The Four Headed Cat
    • Two Sided with Face

v0.7.0 dev 02:

  • Improvements:
    • Improved Float to Vector auto-cast
    • Double-clicking on a 'Get Local Var' node focus on its referenced 'Register Local Var' node
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with keyboard shortcuts on Mac
    • Fixed renaming issues with 'Triplanar Sampler' node
    • Fixed issue on property nodes UI not refreshing on Undo
    • Fixed issues on 'Fresnel' and 'Vertex Normal' related with normal generation
    • Fixed typos on POM
    • Fixed issue with Wire node deletion
    • Fixed auto-change port types issues on all Compare nodes

v0.7.0 dev 01:

  • Improvements:
    • Greatly improved Undo
    • Colored Port Mode behaves as a normal toggle and doesn't require double tap on W key
  • New Samples:
    • Hologram by The Four Headed Cat
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on deleting nodes with Wire nodes on their connections

v0.6.1 dev 05:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with custom Shadow Caster on Vulkan

v0.6.1 dev 04:

  • Improvement:
    • Renaming 'Texture Sampler' Type property Instance to Reference and prevent confusion with GPU Instanced properties
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on unnecessary saves on Live mode
      • Also increased Inactivity time from 0.5s to 1s
    • Fixed issues on some node interactions not being detected by live mode ( and thus not being flagged to save )
    • Fixed issue on 'Rotator' node not correctly generating local values according to vertex/frag
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Coordinates' node when defining its Inputs with Tessellation active
    • Fixed issue with custom Shadow Caster on Metal IOs
    • Fixed small typo on Tessellation Shader Model warning message

v0.6.1 dev 03:

  • New Features:
    • Adding Fallback shader picker on Master Node
    • Adding Shader LOD value modifier on Master Node
  • Improvements:
    • Node property title changes according to selected node
    • Added Multi-Line mode to wires ( Ctrl + W )
    • Added ability to change 'Triplanar Sampler' node name
    • Improved wire connections rendering while zoomed
    • Tweaked live mode to save only when user is inactive for 0.5s
  • Fixes:
    • Small node resizing issues fixed
    • Fixed issues on Live mode not catching node connections and creation correctly

v0.6.1 dev 02:

  • New Features:
    • Added 'Triplanar Sampler' node
    • Added Vertex Output ( can now change from Relative/Local Vertex Offset to Absolute/Local Vertex Position )
    • Added Smear Sample
    • Added Unlit Light Model
    • Added simpler 'Time' node
    • Added 'Depth Fade' node
    • Added 'Camera Depth' Fade node
  • Improvements:
    • Adding node info into Helper Window
    • Adding drag and drag valid unity assets list to helper window
    • 'Screen Position' and 'Grab Screen Position' now have a Output dropdown on its properties instead of a Toggle
    • Improved GPU instancing example by adding a C# illustrating how to set instanced properties
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on preview materials not being initialized after returning from play mode
    • Fixed issue on local variables reset
    • Fixed issue with tangent and bitangent previews
    • Fixed billboard issue with non-uniform scaling
    • Fixed issue on Tex ports counting as having valid internal data on Node Properties UI
    • Fixed issue on using 'Texture Sampler' or 'Screen Color instances on Master Node Debug port

v0.6.1 dev 01:

  • Improvements:
    • Activating internal data into 'Object To World' and 'World To Object' nodes and setting it to (0,0,0,1) by default
    • 'Texture Array' nodes can be created by dragging a Texture 2D Array object into ASE canvas
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue on 'Texture Array' node when connecting it to Vertex Ports
    • Fixed issue on 'Vertex TexCoord' not generating correct source according to their properties
    • Fixed issues on MourEnvironment, SandPOM and WaterSample shaders

v0.6.0 dev 01:

  • Improvements:
    • Added Texture Coordinate Coord Size parameter for 'Vertex TexCoord' node
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue when doing custom shadow caster with translucency on deferred mode
    • Fix for texture coordinates zeroing out Z and W
    • Fixed issue with input port internal name not being set correctly
    • Fixed issue with custom shader inspector on unity 5.6
    • Fixed shadows issue on Matcap example
    • Fixed 'Virtual Texture Object' sampling the correct UVs when not connected

v0.5.1 dev 012:

* Fixed issue with LightColor node not generating the proper values
* Fixed issue when doing custom shadow caster with translucency on deferred mode
* Made the code generation compiler friendly because of unity 5.5 and up changes

v0.5.1 dev 011:

* Adding new Billboard option into Master Node
* Control key can be also used to append nodes to selection
* Fixed issue with not updating material inspector in real time ( because out of focus ) when changing properties on canvas
* Fixed cast issues on object picker with 'Texture Sample' and 'Texture Object' nodes
* Added Mask buttons on Previews
* Improved overall editor performance

v0.5.1 dev 010:

* Added 'Desaturate' node
* Fixed small visual issue with Color Mask UI 
* Improved overall UI performance

v0.5.1 dev 009:

* Linking both Up/Down keys and right mouse dragging to scroll behavior into menus
* Canvas zoom can be changed by right mouse dragging while pressing Alt key
* Fixing multiple issues with 'Swizzle' node
* Heavily optimized drawing the node lines 
* Fixed issue with loading default shaders to ports

v0.5.1 dev 008:

* Fixed issues when using line feed on 'Custom Expression' node code area
* Fixed wires and previews displaying on top of the title bar
* Fixed order issues on 'Commentary' node
* Fixed issue with BurnEffect sample
* Majorly improved Previews update speed
* Added LOD levels to previews ( sampler and texture arrays ) 
* Added many more node previews 
* Updated TriplanarProjection and ParallaxMappingIterations samples
* Optimization on drawing wires
* 'World Normal', 'World Reflection' and 'Fresnel' input ports now modify their previews
* Improved Nodes Graph internal ordering to correctly create connections on shader load

v0.5.1 dev 007:

* Fixed issues with 'Texture Coordinates' node usage with Tessellation
* Fixed swizzling issues on 'View Dir' node

v0.5.1 dev 006:

* Added new Helper Window accessible via the right most button on the graph window
* (De)Activating Tessellation and Outlines forces shader to save
* Expanded the amount of nodes with available preview
* Added fail safe to continue loading shader if in-existing community nodes are detected 
* Added Normal Map unpacking to 'Texture Array' node and updated its sample
* Fixed issues on Debug Port usage
* Fixed issues on 'Flipbook UV Animation' when property nodes are connected to rows and column input ports
* Fixed issues on Not configuring 'Texture Array' node ports after read
* Fixed issues on Major fix on register/get local var mechanics
* Fixed issues on Adding a space on the node palette search when opening it via space bar
* Fixed issue on ignoring color masks setup on certain situations
* Forcing default values on input port internal data if an exception is caught

v0.5.1 dev 005:

* Added new Curvature Parameter for 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' Node
* Added 'World To Object' node
* Added 'Object To World' node
* Fixed issue on 'World Normal' node
* Fixed issue on 'World Tangent' node
* Fixed issue on 'World Bitangent' node
* Fixed issue on 'World Reflection' node
* Fixed issue on 'Register Local Var' node
* Fixed issue with Tessellation used with Custom Shadow Caster
* Fixed issue with Mip Level not being used with 'Texture Sampler' nodes on Vertex Ports
* Fixed issues with Master Node Debug port usage

v0.5.0 dev 005:

* Applied overall UI changes from Master Node into all other nodes
* Added Node Previews
* Added new Frame Title parameter on 'Commentary' nodes
   * Auto focus on new Frame Title textfield when node is created
* Added new Soap Bubble sample using both Reflection and Refraction
* Fixed issue with 'Custom Expression' node
* Fixed issues on 'Scale' node
* Fixed issues on 'Panner' node
* Fixed issues on 'View Dir' node
* Fixed issues on 'Substance Sample' node
* Fixed Repaint issues on ASE custom material editor
* Fixed issue with texture defaults not being correctly written on shader meta
* Fixed issue on reading alpha:fade option from older versions
* Tweaked 'Component Mask' node
* Tweaked 'Pi' node
* Improved 'Substance Sample' node previewer 
* Refraction to now have Specularity into account
* Removed warnings on importing ASE to Unity v5.6.0 

v0.5.0 dev 004:

* Added new Outline option on Master Node properties
* Tweaked Tessellation material update

v0.5.0 dev 003:

* Fixed issue with Live Mode load/save state 
* Fixed repaint issue with picking ports
* Tweaked 'Substance Sample' node preview
* Adding Toggle Attribute to 'Switch Toggle' node

v0.5.0 dev 002:

* 'Texture Coordinate' now support float3 or float4 output types 
* Changed Colored ports saving mechanism 
* Tweaked how ports are saved/loaded via shader meta to easily modify existing nodes port amount without breaking older versions (API)
* Tweaked Simple Noise example
* Tweaked Read Atlas examples
* Tweaked Translucency example
* Minor tweak on 'Texture Sample' node
* Fixed issue with local variable declaration on Master Node Debug port 
* Fixed issue with Screen Space Curvature example
* Fixed issue with reading fade parameter on master node 
* Fixed issue with Transparency shader

v0.5.0 dev 001:

* Fixed issues with 'Texture Array' node
* Fixed issues with 'Texture Coordinates' node
* Fixed issues with Tessellation example on MacOs
* Fixed issues on multiple examples with Unity beta version 6 and above
* Added new 'Substance Sample' Node
* Added example using the new 'Substance Sample' node located at Examples/Official/Substance
* Added Attributes to Property Nodes
* Added Conditional 'If' Node with Dynamic Branching option
* Tweaked 'Flipbook UV Animation' node

v0.4.1 dev 002:

* Fixed issue 'Flipbook UV Animation' node not resetting properly and added a start frame parameter

v0.4.1 dev 001:

* Fixed issue with Texture Array sample

v0.4.0 dev 003:

* Default Alpha mode set to Transparent and not Alpha Pre-Multiply
* Minor tweak on node sorting on palette windows
* Minor tweak on Master Node Property UI
* Added new Rendering Options foldout on Master Node properties
* Added check to prevent division by zero warning with 'Grab Screen Position' and 'Screen Position' nodes

v0.4.0 dev 002:

* Forcing LF on all shaders to prevent CRLF mixed with LF when upgrading them  
* Fixed issues with custom shader inspector

v0.4.0 dev 001:

* Minor fix on 'Grab Screen Position' node
* Added new Refraction port into Master Node. Only works correctly with Unity 5.5.1 p1 and above due to an internal unity issue
* Added new Refraction Example ( AmplifyShaderEditor/Official/ObjectNormalRefraction )
* Added new Vertex Normal port into Master Node
* Small update to Material and Shader mode borders
* Parameter types can now be changed from node itself on property nodes via dropdown on its upper left corner 
* Various fixes from the way the Blend Mode works to take new translucent option into account
* Fixed issue with connections from cache when changing Light Mode on Master Node not respecting port availability
* Changed Refracted Shadow demo blend mode
* Fixed Vertex Offset issue with custom shadow caster
* Small fix to auto change blend mode on rendertype and render queue changes
* Fixed some samples with wrong version or wrong connections
* Fixed UI problems in Unity Personal skin

v0.3.2 dev 003:

* Fixed issue with 'Multiply' node
* Fixed issue with 'Divide' node
* Fixed issue with 'Texture Sample' node
* Fixed issue with 'Dot' node
* Tweaked 'Fresnel' node to use Unity's interpolators and made the default values match Schlick Fresnel
* Tweaked 'World Normal' node to prevent multiple normals generation
* Added 'Texture Array' node
* Added 'Linear to Gamma' and 'Gamma to Linear' nodes
* Majorly revamped the UI for the master nodes options
* Revamped Blend Modes and added additional options
* Added pos-load test on nodes invalid connections to prevent issues with older ASE versions 

v0.3.2 dev 001:

* Added custom shadow caster
* Small fix to both emission and alpha on Fade mode
* Fixed minor issues on reading shaders from older versions( < v0.2.0 dev 002 )
* Fixed issues on 'Custom Expression' node
* Fixed issues with 'Grab Screen Position' node
* Property nodes with Parameter Type set to Global doesn't force _ on the parameter internal name

v0.3.1 dev 009:

* Fixed 'Grab Screen Color' node issues
* Minor tweaks on Context menu
* Tweaked 'Screen Position' and 'Grab Screen Position' behavior
* Added switching of input ports connections by holding the CTRL key
* Added removing of input ports connections by double clicking with the left mouse button on them
* Forcing Shader Model to at least 4.6 if Tessellation is active

v0.3.1 dev 008:

* Small fix to 'Virtual Texture Object' node
* Fixed issues on 'Texture Sample' node
* Fixed issue on not correctly unregistering nodes from 'Commentary' nodes when they were deleted 
* Fixed issue when reading old shaders created with v0.2.4 dev 004
* Fixed issue with 'Texture Coordinates' node when using Tessellation
* Fixed issues and tweaked overall normals generation
* Fixed issue on 'Vector From Matrix' node
* Fixed issue on ASE canvas camera incorrectly panning when hitting a tooltip with Middle/Right Mouse Button
* Fixed connection errors with 'Vector From Matrix' node 
* Fixed issue with 'Vertex To Fragment' node
* Deprecated 'Local Position' node 
* Added 'Grab Screen Position' node 
* Tweaks on nodes and ports names to maintain overall consistency
* Added new Scale and Offset option on 'Screen Position' node
* 'Register Local Var' node now also has system to prevent duplicate names

v0.3.1 dev 007:

* Added auto-order option into 'Register Local Var' node
* Added new 'Improved Read From Atlas Tiled' example 
* Added 'Simplified Fmod' node

v0.3.1 dev 006:

* Fixed control argument exception when deleting connection with Alt key on selected node
* Fixed issue with 'Switch Toggle' node

v0.3.1 dev 005

* Side menus are now resizable
* Tweaked 'Weighted Blend' node
* Added 'Summed Blend' node
* Added 'Toggle Switch' node
* Added new 'Scale and Offset' node
* Fixed issues on 'Vertex Binormal World' and '[VS]Vertex Tangent' nodes
* Fixed issues with 'Texture Sample' nodes created via dragging a texture to ASE
* Fixed issue with 'Scale' node 
* Fixed issues on incorrectly reading 'Receive Shadows' parameter from ASE shader previous to v0.2.5

v0.3.1 dev 004

* Fixed issues with accessing 'Texture Coordinates' node when tessellation is active

v0.3.1 dev 003

* Fixed yet another issue with accessing 'Texture Coordinates' node on vertex function
* Reverted shader update mechanism  after save to previous old one until issue reported by Seith is fixed

v0.3.1 dev 002

* Fixed issues with accessing 'Texture Coordinates' node on vertex function

v0.3.1 dev 001

* Improved overall editor UI
* Improved Live Mode
* Nodes can generate shader comments ( API )
* Each port can now have multiple restrictions ( API )
* 'Texture Object' can now only be connected to 'Texture Sample' nodes
* Added 'Switch' toggle node

v0.3.0 dev 005

* Auto adding AMPLIFY_SHADER_EDITOR symbol on current target group when initializing ASE ( API - to be used on external community nodes )
* Added keyboard shortcut [F5] to force available nodes refresh ( API )

v0.3.0 dev 004

* Fixed yet another issue with local variables generation

v0.3.0 dev 003

* Fixed crash from infinite loop generated on port 'Tex' at 'Texture Sample' node
* Fixed cast issue when using internal port data on some nodes
* Fixed issues with local variables generation  
* Tweaked Vertex Displacement port on Master Node
* Added ability to specify range of valid data types for input ports ( API )
* Locked 'Tex' port from 'Texture Sample' node to only allow connections to 'Texture Object' nodes

v0.3.0 dev 002

* Updated POM to clip edges using a tilling parameter 
* Updated the sand POM example and its height texture
* Updated Water sample
* 'Vertex NormalWorld', 'World Position' and 'View Dir' nodes now also output into vertex offset correctly
* All editor resources are loaded via their own guid
* Added Tessellation port into master node to be able to create custom Tessellation behaviors
   * Tessellation parameters ( excluding Phong ) on Master Node Properties will be deactivated if its port is being used   	
   * Created Nodes for each of the builtin Tessellation functions
       * Distance-base Tessellation
       * Edge Length Tessellation
       * Edge Length Tessellation with Cull
* Fixed issues with not creating local variable correctly if graph is shared between vertex and frag ports
* Fixed issue with local variables created on automatic casting not taking port category into account
* Fixed node width issue regarding its header title size

v0.3.0 dev 001

* Fixed issue on where deprecated nodes needed to be available to be replaced by their replacement type
* Fixed issues on all conditional nodes
* Fixed issue on local variable creations on vertex shader
* Fixed issue on 'Commentary' node
* Amplify Texture dependency is dynamically set through asset guid
* Texture Sampler will quietly ignore virtual object if AT is not found in project and will not generate a broken shader
* Deprecated nodes are automatically excluded from the palette
* Updated version in all samples
* Optimized 'Multiply' and 'Divide' nodes 
* Added Edge Length based tessellation
* Added Fixed Amount based tessellation

v0.2.6 dev 001

* Fixed issue on 'Virtual Texture Object' node
* Fixed issue on 'If' node
* Fixed issues in 'Parallax Occlusion Mapping' node
* Fixed issues on 'Texture Sampler' node
* Fixed issue for translucency on point lights
* Fixed issues on 'Texture Coordinates' node
* Fixed issue on not correctly syncing ASE when when hitting paste button on our custom inspector
* Avoiding null pointer exception when compiling a 'Texel Size' node without references 
* Re-Organized ASE folder system and added initial pop-up window to clean old/deprecated data
* Tweaked Default/Material values UI on Property nodes
* Node Properties window can now be show by double clicking a node
* Renamed Uniform parameter type to Global 
* Added Distance-Based tessellation. Can be activated/configured on Master Node properties
   * Added Tessellation sample
* Added emission baking support. Queue must be set to "Geometry" to work properly
* Added Tiled Atlas sample
* Added scenes for each sample
* Added tool tips for Master Node properties 

v0.2.5 dev 004

* Added Parallax Occlusion Mapping node (uses linear search with customizable samples in conjuntion with interval mapping for refinement of sidewalls)
* Added simple snapping behavior when moving nodes (left-control)
* Fixed background grid image sliding when zooming
* Fixed issue with 'Texcoord Vertex Data' on writing
* Fixed issues with default values of 'Virtual Texture Object'
* Fixed issues when drawing 'Matrix3x3' and 'Matrix4x4' nodes
* Fixed compilation error when creating builds

v0.2.5 dev 003

* Fixed issues on 'Texture Coordinate' node
* Fixed issues with 'Texture Sample' node not reading the correct values from older shaders versions
* Fixed issues with instanced texture samples
* Fixed issues with 'Texel Size' node
* Fixed issues with adding new categories on community created nodes 
   * Custom category colors can now also be set up via NodeAttributes(...) 
* Created simpler method ( GeneratePortInstructions(...) ) to generate input instructions. Handy for community members which are creating new custom nodes
* Fixed issue with propagating incorrect port types on master node when loading shader from older versions
* Fixed issues with parallax example
* Alpha channel/Opacity port is forced to 1 if Keep Alpha is set to true and port is not connected to prevent UI issues
* Added index property in '[VS] Vertex TexCoord' node and marked '[VS] Vertex TexCoord1' node as deprecated 
* Tweaked collision area on minimize/maximize buttons on lateral windows
* Small optimization on 'Custom Expression' node
* Added support for virtual texturing via Amplify Texture
* Community Node additions
   * Jason Booth
       * Added 'Vertex To Fragment' node

v0.2.5 dev 002

* Added 'Texture Object' node
* Tweaked 'Texture Sample' node behavior to use the new 'Texture Object' node
* Added Stencil Buffer support
* Added Depth foldout with access to ZWrite, ZTest and Offset configuration
* Added AMPLIFY_SHADER_EDITOR preprocessor directive
* Fixed issue on not resetting instance variables counter on reset/load 
* Overall fixes on node UI and its adaptation when zooming out

v0.2.5 dev 001

* Added Color Mask option on Master Node
* Added access to additional UV sets on "Texture Sample" and "Texture Coordinates" nodes
* Fixed issue when attempting to connect a wire to a locked port
* Fixed issue with incorrectly adding '#pragma multi_compile_instancing' on non instanced property shaders
* Minor tweak on palette foldout behavior

v0.2.4 dev 007

* Fixed issue on wrong auto-snapping wires with invisible, locked ports
* Fixed issue with version control on Master Node
* Added Transmission input port on Master Node
* Added 'Mip Mode' in 'Texture Sample' node 
* Property names can now be changed directly on node by double clicking on it
* Properties can be reordered through drag and drop operations on the Master Node properties via the Available Properties foldout area
* Min/Max values on 'Ranged Float' nodes can be modified directly on canvas

v0.2.4 dev 006 ( for internal reasons we had to skip dev 005 )

* Fixes issues on 'Panner' node
* Fixed issues with not correctly generating local variables according to port category
* Tweaked behavior and fixed issues on the 'Texture Coordinate' node
* Fixed issues on 'Texel Size' node
* Fixed issues on 'Local Vertex Pos' node
* Fixed issues with Burn Effect Sample
* Removed positive number restriction from Master Node 'Queue Index' property
* Custom Material Inspector can be selected/changed on Master Node
   * Done through the Custom Editor property
   * You can always reset to our own by hitting the Reset button next to hit
* Updated Rim Light Sample to use the new Space option on the 'View Dir' node
* Updated Parallax Sample to use the new Space option on the 'View Dir' node
* Added 'Translucency' input port into Master Node 
* Added 'Dithering' node
* Added Matcap Sample
* Added Dithering Sample
* Added Rendering Platforms selector on Master node
* Added Water Sample on a small terrain in the Sample Scene

v0.2.4 dev 004

* Fixed issues with wire shader
* Fixed issues with 'Texture Coordinates' node
* Removed warnings occurring on Unity v5.5
* Fixed issue with 'Append' Node 
* Fixed issue with ASE Custom Material Inspector 
* Tweaked 'Local Vertex Pos' node to output differently if generating code for vertex or fragment ports

v0.2.4 dev 003

* Added Texture Reference dropdown to 'Texture Coordinates' node
* Added Render Path dropdown in Master Node
* Tweaked 'View Dir' node so you're able to choose between getting the result in tangent or world space
* Tweaked 'World Space Light Dir' to no longer use internal input port data when nothing is connected, instead worldPos is automaticaly fed into it
* Added Unity version check for wires shader and fix compatibility issues
* Added Normalize toggle into 'Screen Position' node 
* Community Node additions
   * Tobias Pott
       * Added 'Swizzle' node

v0.2.4 dev 002

* Added 'Layered Blend' node
* Added 'Weighted Blend' node
* Added 'Texel Size' node
* Merged '[VS] Vertex Color' and 'Vertex Color' nodes in order to avoid further confusions and marked the first one as deprecated
   * Node internally changes its output if it's writing to a vertex or fragment port
* Added 'Surface Depth' node
* Added 'Screen Depth' node
* Fixed issue with property nodes uniform variables not taking selected precision into account

v0.2.4 dev 001

* Added 'Parallax Mapping' node 
* Added 'Negate' node 
* Added Fake Window user sample 
* Added Parallax Mapping example with 4 iterations using the basic Parallax Mapping node 

v0.2.3 dev 002

* Added 'Custom Expression' node
* Precision used is now the least between the one selected in the node and main one selected on the master node
* 'Register Local Var' and 'Get Local Var' nodes can now be used on Master Node Vertex ports
* Improved wires visuals
* Fixed issue with local variables generation
* Fixed issue with switching port internal data from float to int
* Fixed cast issue with 'Remap' node
* Added all the supported shader models into the Master Node dropdown
   * When creating a shader the default selected is now 2.5 to match Unity default
* Community Node additions
   * The Four Headed Cat
       * Added 'Grayscale' node

v0.2.3 dev 001

* New control points can be added to wires to better manipulate its shape
   * Double click a wire to create an additional control point
   * Control points are selected, moved and deleted similar to regular nodes
* Fixed issue with box selection being active when dragging nodes with the 'Shift' key held down
* Fixed issues with wire resources not being correctly released when ASE is shut down
* Fixed issues with 'Pixel Normal World' and 'Vertex Normal World' nodes
* Fixed issue with 'Multiply' node on Matrix/Vector multiplications
* Fixed issue with 'Break To Components' node
* Fixed issue with 'Component Mask' node
* Fixed issue with wrong type propagation when replacing node connections 
* Fixed issue with instance references being lost on 'Texture Sample' and 'Screen Color' nodes
* Tweaked 'Object to World' and 'World to Object' nodes to be more compile friendly
* Added 'Model' matrix node
* Added 'Relay' node
* Added 'TriplanarObjectSpace' sample to Samples folder
* Added precision selector for variables ( known issue: precision info is not being taken into account when auto local vars are created )
* Community Node additions
   * The Four Headed Cat
       * Added 'Tau' node
   * Rea
       * Added 'Height Map Blend' node

v0.2.2 dev 001

* Fixed issue with 'Mask Clip Value' not being correctly synced between material and shader
* Added colored Debug Mode ... this is an experimental feature where each port and wire are colored according to its data type. Each color/type pair are not final
   * Hold 'P' key to enable debug mode and release it to disable it
   * Double hit 'P' key to toggle  debug mode on. Double hit 'P' key again to disable it.
* Added 'Matrix From Vectors' node
* Fixed issue with 'Vertex Binormal World' node	
* Added 'Shader Model' dropdown on Master Node properties
* Community Node additions
   * The Four Headed Cat
       * Fixed issues with 'Logical Operator' nodes

v0.2.1 dev 001

* Fixed multiple issues importing current version on top of v0.1.0 dev 001

v0.2.0 dev 003

* Mask Clip Value when used is registered as a Material Property

v0.2.0 dev 002

* Improved duplicate code detection system
* Slight improvement on save/update times ( important for Live Mode )
* Fixed issue with 'Texture Sample' node incorrectly outputting a float4 when no texture assigned and on Normal mode 
* Fixed issue on not opening the correct shader from a material inspector if a new one is selected from its dropdown
* Fixed issue with 'Length' node incorrectly changing its output type
* Community Node additions
   * The Four Headed Cat
       * Flipbook UV Animation

v0.2.0 dev 001

* Fixed issues with 'Get Local Var' node
   * Output port type is now correctly set to its reference type
   * Changed how references are saved so it won't be affected by order index re-ordering
* Fixed issue with 'Power' node
* Fixed issue with 'ATan2' node
* Fixed issue with 'Cross' node
* Community Node additions
   * The Four Headed Cat
       * Logical If
       * Pixelate
* Community Samples additions
   * The Four Headed Cat 
       * DissolveBurn
   * Mourelas Konstantinos
       * EnvironmentGradient

v0.1.5 dev 001

* Community Node additions
   * The Four Headed Cat ( moved to a separate 'Logical Operators' category )
       * Compare With Range
       * Compare Not Equal
       * Compare Lower Equal
       * Compare Greater Equal
       * Compare Lower
       * Compare Greater
   * Kebrus
       * Vertex Tangent World
       * Vertex Binormal World
* 'Register Local Var' node changes:
   * Is now independent from Master Node execution order and generates activation signals
   * Will always be executed even if not connected to Master Node 
   * Fixed issue updating name string array when loading from file		
   * Added order index to control their declaration order( lesser index declared first )
* Fixed issue on port type change not propagating in certain nodes
* Hitting Escape key will disable context palette menu if active
* Fixed issue where right mouse clicking on certain port areas would delete their wire connection
* Minor improvement on nodes performance

v0.1.4 dev 002

* Dynamic type nodes now also reacting to input port disconnections
* Updated TFHCRemap node from benderete

0.1.4 dev 001

* Fixed issue with order index not being correctly read/written
* Redone Refraction Shader according to rea suggestion 
* Register Local Var node now has a title style similar to Property Nodes with the local var name always visible 
* Added Get Local Var Node. It allows the user to use already registered local vars anywhere in the graph
* Added Custom Node Remap ("TFHC - Remap") created by user benderete
* Fixed issue on Texture Sample UV port not correctly casting to float2 when needed
* Fixed issue with Texture Sample node not adapting layout when reference is in normal mode

v0.1.3 dev 003

* Added RegisterLocalVar node. This is a node to improve shader readability in certain situations, as it forces the shader to create a local var containing its input value and always use that as output
* Added Screen Color Texture Reference feature
* Created Simple Refraction example ( Samples/SimpleRefraction ) 
* Fixed issues with sampler instance resizing
* Fixed issue with Fresnel node incident vector
* Fixed issue with attempting connection removal on inexistent nodes ( bug affecting Append node )
* Fixed issue with overwriting render type and queue values with Blend Mode default values on read from file

v0.1.3 dev 002

* Fixed multiple issues with deleting a Texture Sample node being referenced by other nodes
* Tweaked Texture Sample reference UI 

v0.1.3 dev 001

* Fixed issue when releasing mouse drag on menu areas not resetting auto*pan
* Tweaked Shader Instancing UI
* Fixed issue with material inspector crashing when updating a property with ASE window turned off
* Fixed issue with custom UI skins not being correctly initialized under some conditions
* Added Texture Reference feature
* Added 'Simple Blur' example to demonstrate how Texture referencing works
* Added small 'Made with Amplify Shader Editor' info as comment on generated shaders

v0.1.2 dev 003

* Fixed issues with opening materials via inspector with no ASE window initialized  

v0.1.2 dev 002

* Added GPU Instancing ( see Samples/SimpleGPUInstancing example )
* Added Screen Color node 
* Fixed issue on version testing
* Tweaked Master Node icon 
* Added additional icon into top-left master node node indicating if gpu instancing is being used or not

v0.1.2 dev 001

* Fixed typo on Texture Coordinate node
* Added explicit control on Render Type and Queue. They will be automatically set when a Blend Mode is selected.
* Added Fresnel node
* Fixed Trigonometry typo 
* Improved local var generation on op nodes
* Added FWidth node
* Fixed issue with not immediately updating shader when hitting the Live Shader Mode button

v0.1.1 dev 001

* Community Contribution from kebrus: Added Rotator node, rotates UV Coordinates/ Vector2 nodes 
* Fixed Vector2 Append Node bug
* Fixed Int to Float cast issues
* Added Shader title area on top canvas to forbidden node interaction area
* Adjusted Auto-Pan behavior
* Fixed issue with nodes infinite loop detection
* Tweaked mouse detection inside main canvas
* Fixed Queue Order typo when building shader
* Improved notifications when impossible cast is requested
* Added new VectorFromMatrix which gets a specific row or column from a 3x3 or 4x4 matrix
* Automatically hiding Order Index on Uniform Property Type nodes
* Simpler Searchable Node List also being called by hitting the space bar if focus is on main node canvas