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Amplify Shader Editor Version: v1.8.7.012 – 25th November 2020

IMPORTANT - Node renamed:

   * Break To Components' node renamed to 'Split' to decrease its canvas size 


   * Fixed issue with removing Header attributes

Amplify Shader Editor Version: v1.8.7 rev 11: New Sample:

   * Transparent Cutout for both URP and HDRP

Amplify Shader Editor Version: v1.8.7 rev 10: Fixes:

   * Fixed issue on user not being able to use the dot/period character on Header attributes
   * Fixed issue on Header attributes not being correctly shown on 'Color' node

v1.8.7 rev 09: Improvements:

   * User can now specify multiple headers for each property

v1.8.7 rev 08: Improvements:

   * Added new No Interpolation option into 'Vertex To Fragment' node
   * Added new Header attribute for property type nodes
   * Added new No Keyword Toggle attribute for 'Float' node
   * Added new Remap Slider custom drawer for 'Vector4' node
   * User must specify min limit and max limit on Z and W coordinate respectively

v1.8.7 rev 07: Fixes:

   * Fixed issue on 'Texture Sampler' node incorrectly generating sampler states when its R,G,B,A ports were being used

v1.8.7 rev 06: Fixes:

   * Fixed compilation error on Built-in RP with 'Grab Screen Color' node when Auto-Register is turned on over Unity 5.6 and above

v1.8.7 rev 05: Fixes:

   * Fixed issue on 'Indirect Diffuse Light' node not showing correct results over Builtin templates on Unity 2019
   * Fixed issue on SubShader body not being correctly filled if main master node's pass is disabled
   * Fixed issue on incorrect clip over holes usage on URP Terrain sample

v1.8.7 rev 04: New Shader Function:

   * Normal From Texture


   *  Fixed issues on Normal From Height shader function
   *  Fixed issue on ASE window attempting to import templates when entering in Play mode
   *  Fixed issue on 'Function Switch' node not updating correctly when on Reference mode


   * Empty textfield value on 'Function Subtitle' node now removes the sub-title over its shader function node
   *  Added new Clear Log on Update option into ASE preferences (on by default)
   * Clears an ASE log window each time the user hits the Update button

v1.8.7 rev 03: Shader Functions:

   *  Removed High Quality option from Normal From Height shader function
   * This will be later added on a separate shader function


   * Inline code from set by 'Custom Expression' node now placed under their own scope { (...) } to prevent duplication errors
   * Fixed issue on Procedural Texture type not having a texture to wire correspondence over 'Texture Sampler' node

v1.8.7 rev 02: New Shader Functions:

   * Bicubic Precompute
   * Bicubic Sample

Amplify Shader Editor Version: v1.7.0 rev 00 (Set 03, 2019)

New Node:
   * Voronoi
Fixes: * Fixed issue on all templates not being available to choose over the Creates > Amplify Shader menu * Fixed issue on Unlit absolute mode * Fixed issue on both Lightweight templates absolute mode * Fixed issue on 'World Space View Dir' node preview * Fixed blinking window when 'Add'or 'Mul' nodes are dynamically changing their input ports * Fixed issue with detection loop function that was causing massive slow downs on node connection on big graphs * Fixed multiple issues with new Lit template * 'Face' and 'Switch By Face' now correctly work on the latest HDRP version * Fixed multiple issue on latest HD Lit template * Fixed issue when selecting shaders on Unity 2019.3 * Fixed incorrect local variable generation on multiple nodes over Standard Surface's Vertex ports
Improvements: * Improved editor performance by only refreshing when needed and only updating previews that are necessary to update * Texture array auto sorting on texture drop over Texture Array tool * Directives can now be written both before or after (via mouse drag ) to native directives detected on template * Added dropdown for custom editor in templates that contain the HD material inspector * 'Depth Fade' and 'Screen Depth' can now be used on vertex shader * Improved and optimized node search on context menu * Node developers can now associate tags to their nodes * Small improvement to shader function properties order when multiple shader functions are inside each other * Improved 'Noise Generator' node * Added new Gradient type * Added new option to auto set noise generator values to a 0-1 range * Added new scale input port to scale its Size input * Extended Port options versatility when declared on SubShader (API) * Shader Properties default values can now be set through the SetShaderProperty action (API) * Refactored templates paths
Deprecated: * Disabled ASE custom texture array inspector on Unity 2019 and above * Marked old templates as deprecated * These will be eliminated from the package on a future build